Tom Gustad


Van Es 152
701 231 8126

Courses I Teach

  • MICR 202, Introductory Microbiology
  • MICR 202L, Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
  • MICR 445/645, Animal Cell Culture Techniques
  • MICR 471/671, Immunology and Serology Laboratory
  • HNES 114, Racquetball

My Teaching Philosophy

Enthusiasm, experience, and organizational skills contribute favorably to my teaching abilities. I am enthusiastic in my approach to teaching microbiology. Such enthusiasm is contagious and helps stimulate student interest in the course. Extensive knowledge of subject matter is also required of an effective teacher. I have acquired such knowledge through twenty years of work experience in a variety of microbiological laboratories. Lastly, I strive to create a well-organized course with clear expectations. My organizational skills facilitate student success in my classrooms.

In addition, I continuously strive to refine my teaching strategies and techniques. These refinements come about through classroom experiences, student suggestions, and attendance at numerous pedagogical conferences. I plan to continue improving upon my teaching abilities through the remainder of my career.

Organizations and Committees

  • Summer Orientation Advisor
  • NDSU Momentum Campaign Chairman for VMS/VDS
  • NDSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • VMS Scholarship Committee
  • Faculty Advisor – NDSU Chapter of Pheasants Forever
  • Faculty Advisor – TKE Fraternity

My Path to VMS

Following my undergraduate education at South Dakota State University, I spent five years working in a Public Health Microbiology Laboratory. In 1986, I accepted a Research Specialist position in the Microbiological Sciences Department at NDSU. I remained in that position for fifteen years, earning a MS degree in Microbiology in 1992. During my early years at NDSU, I was given the opportunity to teach the Immunology & Serology Laboratory course each fall semester. Teaching that course allowed me to develop a fondness for teaching. With a growing student enrollment creating a need for more teachers, I accepted a full time teaching position with the VMS Department in 2001.

Other Things

When not working I enjoy hunting, fishing, racquet sports, and gardening.