Breanne Steffan

Position: Research Assistant
Lab: Van Es 187
Office: Van Es 191
Program: Molecular Pathogenesis PhD
Advisor: Dr. Schuh

Graduate Student Profile

Bachelors of Science in Microbiology from North Dakota State University

Research Focus:
The primary focus of our lab is looking at how our body responds (the immune response) in fungal allergic asthma.

Currently, I am studying the eosinophil and what its role is in fungal allergic asthma. The eosinophil is a very important cell to study in asthma since it is associated with many of the phenotypic symptoms, like the narrowing of the airway making it hard for individuals to breathe. It is a very fragile cell, so studying it is a bit of challenge. Therefore, we have been working on ways of establishing pure populations of eosinophils to study. One way that we are going about this is using a protocol established that allows us to derive eosinophils from the bone marrow (Dyer, K. et al. (2008) J. Immun.). It is our hope that we can answer what the role of the eosinophil is in our model. I will also be studying another innate immune cell, the neutrophil, in conjunction with the eosinophil. It is a very exciting area of research!

Community Involvement:
IACUC (graduate student alternate)

Contact Information:

Facebook: Breanne Steffan