Evolutionary Ecology and Landscape Genomics

Dr. Peter Bergholz researches the adaptive value of genomic variation in microbial populations and the ecological mechanisms that maintain and spread adaptive variants in nature.

Functional Genomics of Foodborne Pathogens

Dr. Teresa Bergholz uses a systems biology approach to solve current food safety problems related to pathogen survival and growth in the farm environment, in food processing environments, and on foods, even in the face of preventative measures.


Dr. John McEvoy researches Cryptosporidium, a protozoan parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis, a potentially life-threatening diarrheal disease affecting humans and animals. His research focuses on three main areas: host-parasite coevolution; transmission dynamics in humans, animals, and the environment; and molecular mechanisms of parasite development and host interactions.

Microbial Biofilms

Dr. Birgit Pruess researches microbial biofilms, with a particular focus on developing novel strategies to prevent biofilm formation.