Dr. John McEvoyDr. John McEvoy

The major focus of my lab is Cryptosporidium, a protozoan parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis, a potentially life-threatening diarrheal disease affecting humans and animals. Cryptosporidium is the primary cause of toddler death from infectious diarrheal disease in underdeveloped countries, a cause of severe diarrheal disease and death in immunodeficient and malnourished adults, and a major cause of waterborne disease in the United States and worldwide. Drugs to treat Cryptosporidium infections are not effective and there is no vaccine.

Cryptosporidium research in my lab is focused on three main areas:

  • Host-parasite coevolution
  • Transmission dynamics in humans, animals, and the environment.
  • Molecular mechanisms of parasite development and host interactions.