***Under Revision (2017)***

Graduate Programs

M.S. in Microbiology

A Master’s degree in Microbiology at NDSU emphasizes research methodology and laboratory techniques. Research and academic programs are individually tailored to meet the needs and interests of each student. Graduates are prepared for positions in research or commercial laboratories or for further graduate study. Student research and academic programs are tailored to individual needs and interests.

Ph.D. in Molecular Pathogenesis

The comprehensive Doctoral degree in MolecularPathogenesis integrates the study of microbial genetics, mechanisms of pathogen-host interaction, and cellular immunology to better understand the molecular basis of disease. Doctoral candidates in Molecular Pathogenesis focus on research and utilize the expertise of one or more departmental faculty members. Course work is designed to be relevant to future careers in academia, industry, and government.

Admission Requirements for M.S. and Ph.D.

  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Evidence of a strong academic record in the biological sciences
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • The Graduate Record Examination General Test
  • Biology
    • One year of general biology with laboratory (required)
  • One course in genetics (required)
  • At least one course in cellular biology, cellular physiology, animal physiology, or bacterial physiology (required)
  • Microbiology and immunology (recommended)
  • Chemistry
    • One year of general chemistry with laboratory (required)
    • Two sequential terms of organic chemistry with a laboratory course (required)
    • Biochemistry (required)
  • Physics
    • Two sequential terms of physics with a laboratory (required)
  • Applications should be submitted directly to the Graduate School prior to February 15 for the following fall semester
  • Official transcripts (transcripts having an appropriate seal or stamp) of all previous undergraduate and graduate records must be received by the Graduate School before the application is complete. When a transcript is submitted in advance of completion of undergraduate or graduate studies, an updated transcript showing all course credits and grades must be provided prior to initial registration at North Dakota State University.
  • Three letters of recommendation are required before action is taken on any application. Personal reference report forms are available from the Graduate School.
  • The TOEFL examination score is required of foreign applicants, please see Graduate School requirements.

Students who do not meet all requirements for admission or have deficiencies in prerequisite course work but show potential for successful graduate study may be admitted under a conditional status (evidence must be provided showing that the applicant’s potential is not adequately reflected by his/her record). Once admitted, the student, in consultation with the major adviser, may request a change to full graduate standing when (s)he has met the standards of performance set by the department. The student may not earn more than 12 semester credits of graduate credit in the conditional status. The request for change must be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School by the major adviser and approved by the department chair.

International Students

F-1 International graduate students without an assistantship are required to have at least nine semester credits unless they have an assistantship in which case they are required to take at least six semester credits each term. When international students are in their last semester of course work, they are allowed to register for less than the required number of credits. Following the completion of their coursework, they are only required to register for at least one semester credit, either a thesis credit or a research credit to maintain their F-1 status until they receive their degree.

More information regarding international programs, international student associations, and other topics is available at the NDSU International Programs Office