Student Organizations

Depending on your career goals and interests, there are a number of active student clubs on campus with links to microbiology. In particular, the Pre-Vet Club and the Biotechnology and Microbiology Club have strong connections to our department. Click on the links below to go to their club page:

Pre-Vet Club

Biotechnology and Microbiology Club

Other clubs with links to microbiology include Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medicine.

Pre-Dentistry Club

The goals of the pre-dentistry club are:

  • to foster and develop an interest in those students of NDSU pursuing Dentistry as their career.
  • To promote unity and community among students interested in the dental field at NDSU.
  • To provide opportunities for students interested in the dental field to participate in professional development activities.
  • To make students aware of admission requirements for dental schools.
  • To provide the Fargo/Moorhead Metro Area public service.

Pre-Med Association

An organization for pre-medical students aimed at associating members with others with similar interests, improving a member’s knowledge of the healthcare field, and providing them with information to succeed as an undergrad.