You can select from a number of graduate programs offered through VMS, including departmental programs in Molecular Pathogenesis and Microbiology and interdisciplinary programs in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Food Safety, and Genomics and Bioinformatics.

SumitMolecular Pathogenesis Ph.D.

This is a tremendously exciting time in the study of infectious diseases. The genomic era gave us sequenced genomes for many pathogens and their hosts, including humans. Now, in the post-genomic era, we are striving to understand how the genetic blueprint is translated into cell function and how function is affected by external cues, including those provided by other cells. To understand the pathogen, you must also understand the host

The Ph.D. in Molecular Pathogenesis program provides students with the skills and knowledge to address the key gaps in our understanding of how microorganisms interact with their hosts to cause disease. Recognizing that excellence in communication is critical for a successful career in science, we place a strong emphasis on written and oral communication throughout the program.

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Liquid nitrogenMicrobiology M.S.

The M.S. in Microbiology program will equip you with the knowledge, techniques, and experiences to enhance your competitiveness in the job market and expand your career opportunities. Graduates from our program have launched many and varied careers, including as research technicians, lab managers, and teachers. Our M.S. also serves as an excellent foundation for further graduate studies. As with our Ph.D. program, there is a strong emphasis on communication and professional development.

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