An PDF version of the proposal form (click here to download) can be completed, signed electronically by the relevant chairs, and emailed to Glenn Dorsam ( Note: the form opened in Adobe Acrobat before completing. Alternatively, you can send a hard copy, with the signatures of chairs next to matching funds, to Glenn Dorsam, Department of Microbiological Sciences, Van Es 114A.

  1. Primary sponsoring department
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your email
  4. Name of Speaker
  5. Speaker’s affiliation
  6. Dates of visit
  7. Date of event
  8. Event Title
  9. Estimated cost of lodging
  10. Estimated cost of meals
  11. Estimated cost of travel
  12. Estimated cost of honorarium
  13. Estimated total cost
  14. CSC Request amount
  15. Amount and name of department 1
  16. Amount and name of department 2 (If applicable)
  17. Amount and name of department 3 (If applicable)
  18. Amount and name of department 4 (If applicable)
For more information, contact:
Glenn Dorsam
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiological Sciences
114A Van Es Hall