VMS Equipment Info

Non-VMS scientists/students conducting research using VMS equipment will now need to arrange payment for that usage. These new fees will be put towards the costs for maintaining and upgrading our equipment. The following chart lists the cost-center information. Below that, you'll find links to contact person information and directions for using Skeeda. Note: Training is required to use the equipment below. See contact people for training info.

Cost-Center Information

Contact People

Rick Feldman, richard.feldman@ndsu.edu, 1-9609

Cathy Giddings, c.giddings@ndsu.edu, 1-8591

Scott Hoselton, scott.hoselton@ndsu.edu, 1-7905

Kaycie Schmidt, kaycie.Schmidt@ndsu.edu, 1-5947

Heather Vinson, heather.vinson@ndsu.edu, 1-9609


To access the VMS Skeeda Facility, new users should contact Heather Vinson, heather.vinson@ndsu.edu, 1-9609

  1. Contact the appropriate VMS staff member
  2. Schedule training
  3. Contact heather Vinson, heather.vinson@ndsu.edu, 1-9609, for information on how to access Skeeda