Education Research


Dr. Danielle Condry undertakes discipline-based education research (DBER), specifically with science classes in higher education. Although teaching is an old art, we are always looking for ways to improve education practice through valid, evidence-based data. These improvements will lead to better outcomes and success for our students as they prepare for the unknown challenges and opportunities of the future.

Dr. Condry's research areas include:

The influence of authentic, inquiry-based science research experiences on trust of scientific information and personal decision making related to scientific knowledge.

Development and impact of Service Learning in science curricula.

  • Does service learning impact student success in the classroom?
  • How is career choice impacted by service learning projects?
  • Does class size alter impact of service learning courses?
  • Does service learning impact the satisfaction of major choice in undergraduate students?

Development of Mastery Learning Techniques in a Fixed College Semester.

  • Does this effect motivation, engagement, and retention of minority students in STEM fields?

Action Research Projects as applied to current course improvement.

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