Departmental Requirements for a Minor in German

Students also have the option of a German Studies Minor at NDSU. Curriculum guide for the German Studies Minor; scroll down to the section for "Minors" on this page.

 Please note the Placement Guidelines, under Students in the menu on the left, for new students who have prior study in German.

Courses Offered at NDSU

101, 102 First-Year German I, II  4  credits each
Basic structures and vocabulary of German. Practice in the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
No previous knowledge of German required for GERM 101. Prereq: For GERM 102: GERM 101 

201, 202 Second-Year German I, II   3 credits each
Emphasis on developing proficiency in the four language skills. Review of grammar, practice in composition, and cultural and literary reading. Prereq: For GERM 201: GERM 102. For GERM 202: GERM 201.

220 German Culture and Society   3 credits
Exploration of German culture (including everyday culture, film, and literature), politics, history, geography, and religion. A broad overview with particular emphasis on Germany since 1945. Taught in English.

311, 312 German Conversation and Composition I, II   3  credits each
Advanced practice to develop greater proficiency in oral and written skills through the study of cultural and literary readings. Prereq: For GERM 311: GERM 202.

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