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Modern Languages


Mailing Address
Department of Modern Languages
NDSU Dept. 2345
P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND  58108-6050

Contact Us: 
318 Minard Hall 
Phone: 701-231-7887

Faculty offices are located in Minard Hall.

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Gwen Stickney    Associate Professor of Spanish
334 C   Minard Hall,  231-8846
Coordinator, Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
Carol Bishop
334 D Minard Hall,  231-8850


Disrud, Stephen   Lecturer in ESL
334 K Minard Hall, 231-5631

Grollman, Stephanie    Senior Lecturer in German
334 E Minard Hall,  231-8851

Hageman, Jeanne    Associate Professor of French, Director of International Studies
334 L  Minard Hall,  231-8845

Hawley, Carlos     Associate Professor of Spanish
334 M Minard Hall,  231-8848  

Peterson, Michelene   Lecturer in ESL
334 G  Minard Hall,  231-7704

Ryan, Anneli, Lecturer in ESL
334 F  Minard Hall,  231-5854

Saar, Cynthia     Senior Lecturer in French
334 H Minard Hall,  231-5840

Wing, Heath   Assistant Professor of Spanish
334 J Minard Hall,   231-8315

Adjunct Lecturers 

Walters, VĂ©ronique   Adjunct Lecturer in French
334 B Minad Hall,  231-7704





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