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Modern Languages


Mailing Address
Department of Modern Languages
NDSU Dept. 2345
P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND  58108-6050

Contact Us: 
318 Minard Hall 
Phone: 701-231-7887

Faculty offices are located in Minard Hall.

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair
Gwen Stickney
    Associate Professor of Spanish

334 C   Minard Hall,  231-8846

B.L.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Spanish and Comparative Literature)

Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture, Early Modern Peninsular Literature, Survey of Peninsular Literature, Survey of Spanish American Literature, Gender Studies, Teaching of Language and Literature

Courses Taught:
SPAN 489 Senior Thesis; 453 Spanish Women Writers; 450 Traditions in Spanish Literature; 430 Approaches to Literature; 402 Advanced Spanish Conversation; 401 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing; 394 Individual Study on Spanish for Health Care Professionals; 332 Introduction to Hispanic Cinema; 330 Introduction to Spanish Civilization; 311-312 Spanish Conversation and Composition I, II; 201-202 Second-year Spanish I, II; 101-102 First-year Spanish I, II

Coordinator, Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
Carol Bishop

334 D Minard Hall,  231-8850


Interests: Content-based ESL teaching

Courses Taught: Favorites: LANG 104 Reading/Vocabulary, LANG 102 English Structure, LANG 109 Writing

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Bell, Thomas    Lecturer in German

334 E Minard Hall, 231-8851

Ph.D., University of Washington, 2015
MA, University of Washington, 2009
MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2003
BA, Wheaton College, 2000

Interests: German Language; Postsecularism; Continental Philosophy; Critical Theory; Musil; Kant 

Courses Taught: GERM 101: First-year German I; GERM 102: First-year German II; GERM 201: Second-year German I; GERM 202: Second-year German II; GERM 220: German Culture & Society; GERM 311: German Conversation/Composition I; GERM 312: German Conversation/Composition II

Disrud, Stephen   Lecturer in ESL

334 K Minard Hall, 231-5631

Hageman, Jeanne    Associate Professor of French, Director of International Studies

334 J  Minard Hall,  231-8845


1981    B.A.       International Relations/French Area Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1983    M.B.A.    Finance and International Business, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1986    M.A.       French Literature, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1991    Ph.D.     French Literature, University of Wisconsin - Madison.  18th-century novel.  Minor: Linguistics

Research Interests:
Eighteenth-Century France; Women writers; The actresses and authors of the Com├ędie italenne in Paris: Mme Favard, Mme de Saint-Chamond

Courses Taught:
FREN 101, 102 First-Year French I & II; FREN 311, 312 Conversation & Composition I & II; FREN 315 Contemporary France; FREN 350 Introduction to French Linguistics & Pronunciation; FREN 340 The French-Speaking World; FREN 345 Women in French Literature; FREN 360 Studies in Language & Style (Gen. Ed. Upper-level Writing Course); FREN 365 Advanced Conversation through Contemporary Culture; FREN 410 French Literature & Culture before 1800; FREN 412 French Literature & Culture since 1800; FREN 422  Genres in French Literature (Theater); FREN 489 Senior Thesis; INTL 110 Introduction to International Studies; INTL 488 Integrated Senior Project Proposal; INTL 489 Integrative Senior Project

Hawley, Carlos     Associate Professor of Spanish

334 M Minard Hall,  231-8848 

: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Poetics, Oral Tradition, Medieval Studies, Golden Age Literature, Cervantes

Courses Taught:
SPAN 452 Cervantes; 451 Contemporary Spanish Literature; 450 Traditions in Spanish Literature; 402 Advanced Spanish Conversation; 401 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing; 332 Introduction to Hispanic Cinema; 330 Introduction to Spanish Civilization; 311-312 Spanish Conversation and Composition I, II; 201-202 Second-Year Spanish I, II
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Mullerdahlberg, Terrijann, Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistant

334 B Minard Hall, 231-7704

Peterson, Michelene   Lecturer in ESL

334 G  Minard Hall,  231-7704

Ryan, Anneli     Lecturer in ESL

334 F  Minard Hall,  231-5854

Saar, Cynthia     Senior Lecturer in French

334 H Minard Hall,  231-5840

B.A. French (NDSU), M.A. French (Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT), M.S. Sociology (NDSU)

Language, acquisition pedagogy, Francophone language and culture, Intercultural competency

Courses Taught:
FREN 101-102 First-year French I, II; FREN 201-202 French Second-year I, II

Wing, Heath    Assistant Professor of Spanish

334 J Minard Hall,   231-8315

Professors Emeriti

Homan, Paul   Professor of French

334 N Minard Hall

Pearson, Carol   Professor of Spanish

334 N Minard Hall

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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