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The IELP provides a skill-based curriculum. Each week, students will have 20 hours of instruction in Grammar, Speaking/Listening, Reading/Vocabulary and Writing. Upon arriving to campus, students test into one of 5 levels*, from false-beginning to advanced. Class size is kept small to encourage students to actively interact with the language and fellow students. Opportunities for individualized learning are provided through the drop-in tutoring service. *(Note: The number of levels offered each semester will depend upon enrollment.)

The curriculum is designed to move students from an ability to successfully use English for general purposes to a fluency in an academic environment



False Beginner                                                                                                     Advanced


Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E


Survival skills; general conversation strategies

Discussion skills; giving opinions; telling stories

Presentation skills; debates; academic arguments


Conversations; instructions

Extended dialogue; short lectures; news stories; beginning note-taking

Listening to extended dialogue; longer lectures; note-taking strategies


Simplified text; main idea; details; general comprehension

Text written for a general adult audience; main idea; details; overall comprehension; critical thinking

University-level text; main idea; details; overall comprehension; critical thinking; graphic organizers; inferencing; critical analysis


General Service List

Oxford 1,000

Oxford 3,000

Academic Word List


Sentences to paragraphs; descriptions; narratives; letters

Paragraphs to essays; types of essays; genre writing; e-mails at the university

Essays to academic writing tasks; summarizing; paraphrasing; citations and use of outside sources; essay tests


Simple tenses; nouns; adjectives; modals

Simple and perfect tenses; nouns; agreement; passive; time and reason clauses; adjective clauses; gerunds

All tenses; agreement; passive; articles; noun, adverb and adjective clauses; gerunds; infinitives



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