NDSU Wireless

NDSU is a wireless campus, with internet access in most buildings and many outdoor spaces. All who use NDSU wireless systems must have a password. In order to provide conference guests with wireless internet, an NDSU employee must login to generate a temporary password for the "NDSU Guest" wireless network.

Process for staff to generate a password for guests can be accessed here ; follow the instructions under "Guest Wireless Access."

WiFi Near NDSU

Atomic Coffee | 222 Broadway

Barnes & Noble | 1201 42 St SW

Caribou Coffee | 1450 25th St SW

IHOP | 1701 45th St. SW

Jimmy Johns | 1414 12th Ave N

McDonald's | 1220 19th Ave. N

Red Raven Espresso | 916 Main Ave

Smiling Moose Deli | 102 Broadway

Spicy Pie Pizza | 1414 12th Ave N

Starbucks | 4900 13th Ave. SW

Teaberry | 119 Broadway

West Acres Mall | 3902 13th Ave S

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