Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rental Questions, please call - 231-8911

EquipmentDaily RateWeekly Rate
Boating Supplies
Car Carrier Kit$3/$4$8/$12
Canoes & Supplies*
Old Town Green$11/$16$36/$54
Paddles (Pair)$3/$4$8/$12
Kayaks & Supplies **
10' Blue$16/$21$54/$71
14' Purple$21/$26$71/$89
Winter Items
XC Ski Package$6/$8$19/$26
Dry Bag$3/$4$8/$12
External Frame$4/$5$12/$15
Internal Frame$6/$8$19/$26
Cooking Supplies
Cook Kit$3/$4$8/$12
5 Gal. Water Jug$3/$4$8/$12
Sleeping Supplies
Sleeping Bag$4/$5$12/$15
Sleeping Pad$3/$4$8/$12
2 Person$5/$6$15/$19
6 Person$6/$8$19/$26
10 Person$7/$9$23/$31

*Canoe rental includes 2 PFD's & 2 Paddles
**Kayak rental includes 1 PFD's & 1 Paddles


Outdoor Game Equipment
Bean Bag Toss$5
Disc Golf Dics$3
Ladder Ball$4

*Rates increase for Non-NDSU patrons


Outdoor Equipment Policies

It is the Responsibility of the Renter to be Familiar with the Following Policies 

1. Damages - Renters are responsible for all damage or loss of equipment.  Fees are assessed based on the cost of repair or replacement.  Due to liability reasons, Recreation & Outing Staff are not able to assist customers in loading equipment into or onto their vehicles.

2. Fuel - Renters must purchase their own fuel and mantles for stoves and lanterns.  All Recreation & Outing Center stoves and lanterns use Coleman fuel ONLY.  Any individual burning any other fuel will be charged the cost of replacing the equipment.

3. Payment -

     a. Is due at the time of the reservation or rental and is accepted in the form of cash, check, Bison Bucks, or credit card.

     b. Rental equipment is not considered “reserved” until full payment is received.  Reservations must be done in person.

     c. Must be received, in full, prior to the check out of any equipment.

4. Refunds -

     a. Canoes, Kayaks, and the Canoe Trailer must be cancelled no later than 3 days prior to scheduled pickup in order to receive a 90% refund.  Any cancellation made less than 3 days prior to schedule pickup will result in loss of all fees paid.

     b. Any general equipment cancelled prior to the day of pickup will be eligible for a 90% refund.

     c. Equipment cancelled on the day of pickup will result in loss of all fees paid.

5. Rental Rates - Are based on the number of days the equipment is rented.  The Recreation & Outing Center must charge renters for any days in which equipment is checked out, even if the equipment is not being used by the renter.

6. Reservation Requirements -

     a. Rental equipment may be signed out by NDSU students, faculty, staff and the general public.

     b. A valid Bison ID Card is required to receive the NDSU rental rate.

     c. The renter is responsible for all equipment from the time of checkout until the equipment is checked in by Recreation & Outing Staff.

     d. Renters must leave either a Bison ID Card number or a credit card number as a deposit. 

                       i. In the case of Bison ID Card, the individual will have their university account charged for any rented equipment that must be repaired or replaced. 

                      ii. In the case of a credit card, the card will be charged for any rented equipment that must be repaired or replaced.

7. Returns - Recreation & Outing Staff must inspect all equipment to ensure that they are not damaged, excessively dirty, or wet.  Renters must plan their equipment returns accordingly.


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