Nan Yu, Ph.D.

Department of Communication, North Dakota State University


The Interactive Media Lab is a research and teaching laboratory devoted to the study of how different features of media/technology affect the way people think, feel, and act. We conduct theory-driven empirical research using psychophysiology and other behavioral science methods.

There are an observation room and a lab room which allow researchers to observe and conduct research in a private and agreeable environment. Faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students have full access to this facility to carry out class or independent research projects. The IMLab is part of the Department of Communication at North Dakota State University. The lab was in part supported by National Science Foundation under grant CNS-1126570.


Dr. Nan Yu, Founder & Advisor

Laura Ferrall, Student Leader, Lab Coordinator (2009-2012)

Justin Motto, Student Leader, Lab Coordinator (2013-2014)