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What is Navigate?
Navigate is a part of the Student Success Collaborative, or SSC, that is a student-facing app designed to help organize and improve our undergraduate students’ experiences and learning at NDSU.

Why are we adding Navigate?
Navigate will be a strong organizational tool for students. It will nudge students in the right direction when they have an important task to attend to, such as resolve a hold on their account, and improve the effective use of SSC resources.

When are we adding Navigate?
Navigate will be rolled out to new students at orientation beginning the summer of 2018.  It will be promoted with returning students during Welcome Week and throughout fall semester.

How are we paying for Navigate?
An anonymous donor has funded Navigate for students for the first two years through the Office of the Provost.

What does Navigate do for students?

  • Acclimates students to college:
    • Shows class schedule with links to class locations by GPS
    • Provides college transition and first-year to do lists
  • Provides customized academic planning:
    • Major exploration function
    • Scheduling of appointments with advisers and other service providers
  • Alerts students of critical deadlines:
    • Guided pathways can be customized and targeted to students with particular needs and interests.
    • Navigate notifies students when an account hold needs to be resolved.
  • Connects students to campus resources:
    • Quick links to instructor and advisor contact information.
    • Each guided path step takes students to the particular system needed to complete that step.
    • Provides links to support resources on campus.

What does Navigate do for students?

  • Improves the ease of scheduling appointments.
  • Supports and streamlines important communication.
  • Nudges students to take action on critical steps to completing their NDSU journey.
  • Provides additional student data in SSC from the initial intake survey.
  • Offers the ability to gather important student data across the semester.

Should I get the Navigate app?
No.  Navigate is designed for students.

What is expected of me?
Simply be aware of what Navigate is and encourage students to use it.

Who Should I Contact with Questions?
Casey Peterson, Director of Student Success Programs

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