North Dakota is a land of fascinating geologic and physiographic landscapes, with vast plains sculpted by glaciation and rugged badlands incised into colorful bedrock by rivers.

We hope that these remarkable 3D images will help you see these landscapes in a "different" perspective.

A pair of red / blue 3D glasses is required to sense the 3D in these anaglyphs. Please note that the red lens should be over the left eye.

Click on the thumbnails below to access the anaglyph imagery, with interpretation. The optional, large images are worth the download time!

3D anaglyph of North Dakota

3D anaglyph of the Red River Valley
3D anaglyph of northwestern North Dakota
3D anaglyph of north-central North Dakota
3D anaglyph of northeastern North Dakota
3D anaglyph of southwestern North Dakota
3D anaglyph of south-central North Dakota
3D anaglyph of the Prairie Coteau, ND, SD, MN

"3D North Dakota" is hosted and developed in public service by the Department of Geosciences at North Dakota State University. The large anaglyph gifs were produced for this web site by Ray Sterner of the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University using a manipulation of USGS DEM data.

  • Click here for Ray Sterner's color shaded relief map of North Dakota

  • Click here to access Ray Sterner's shaded relief maps for the 50 U.S. states.

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