Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Spaelotis clandestina (Harris 1862)

Common name: W[ell]-marked cutworm.

Hodges #: 10926.

Identification: Rfw 18 mm, frons smooth, head and pro-thorax darker than fw ground color, pro-tibia with complete row of mesal and lateral setae.  Ventral abdomen of && with small two widely spaced foveae.  

Similar species: 10726, 10801, 10902, 10915, 10923, 10924, 10926, 10927.1, 10928, 10978.1, 11004, 11006, 11029, 11042.1, 11043, and 11047.

Distribution: Alaska to Newfoundland and throughout temperate U.S., southward in Appalachians and Rocky mountains. 

Hosts:  Larvae have been reported from more than 20 species of forbs, vegetables and woody plants.  They apparently are general feeders and are occasional garden pests.

ND  Cass Co., Fargo.  UV lt. trap. 
22- VII- 1984.  G. Fauske.

Head and prothorax whowing light edged ptagiae.

Right prothoracic leg: tibia with mesal
and lateral setae, tibia slightly longer
than basi-tarsus.



Ventral abdomen of & S. clandestina (left) and S. bicava (right).





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