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Zagrammosoma multilineatum






We wish to extend our appreciation to the following individuals and organizations who provided access to the study sites, funding, and/or gave generously of their time and advice: Richard Henderson, Wisconsin DNR; Brian Winters, Nature Conservancy; R. J. Kose foundation; Robert Dana, Minnesota DNR, Non-game wildlife fund; Richard Baker, Minnesota DNR; Kay Modin, North Dakota McNair program; David Givvers, North Dakota EPsCORE Aura program; Paul Lago, Mississippi State University; Paul Johnson, South Dakota State University, and Jim Slater, University of Connecticut.

Cooperating individuals or organizations: Brad Bjerke, B bar B ranch; Joe Gardner, Moorhead State Science Center; Robert Djupstrum, Minnesota DNR– Scientific areas nature programs; Walter Johnson, Minnesota DNR– Area Forester; and also Bruce Squires, Dean Beilke, and Dan Mergens, Camas-MINDAK Gravel Co.

Two graduate students have contributed greatly and fundamentally to this work: Paul Tinerella and Patrick Beauzay. Additionally, two undergraduate students, Jesse Albertson and Laura Schmultz, have under supervision, worked on sub projects centered around identifications of a few taxonomic groups.

A great many student workers assisted with field work and specimen preparation over the course of this project and sincere thanks are extended to: Ashley Abbott, Jesse Albertson, Dori Amundson, David Cornelius, Daniel Creswell, Casey Davis, Kelly Ellenberg, Clement Harambe, Nicholas Jensen, Carla Jordan, Eric Knudson, Todd Kochis, Michelle Krengel, Justin Larson, Christopher Locken, Glen McBride, Merideth Meyer, Jack Moor, Michael Munkeby, Kyle Nyegaard, Chan Jan Park, Marion Pederson, Jamie Privantsky, Steven Proctor, John Scheibel, Tim Schmidt, Laura Schmultz, Brian Smith, Jennifer Tinerella, Ken Urlacher, Becky Wenzel, and Shawn Wilson.



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