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From the links on this page you will be able to learn more about small turbines, including the design and purchasing of them.


Basic Installation Issues 

This pages covers each of the aspects of a normal installation...batteries, towers, etc. 

More Turbine Information 

This page covers many additional details that "Basic Installation Issues" doesn't cover.  There are some detailed discussions about grounding, stray voltages, and other pertinent, but perhaps non-Basic issues. 

Manufacturers and Testimonials 

This pages gives customer testimonials about purchased machines.  The manufacturers are listed for all of the commercial turbines I know of.  There are also some tower manufacturers listed. 

Net Billing Q and A 

Net Billing topics are discussed here.  Net Billing essentially allows you to turn your meter backwards if you are connected to the utility.  Please note: Net Billing laws are only available in some states (in the U.S.).  Most installations will only allow you to sell back to the utility at avoided cost (click on link for more about this). 

Build Your Own Turbine 

This link will give you many resources for building your own turbine.  Links include how to carve your own blades, what kinds of motors work, and how to determine if a motor will work for your application, among other things. 

Perfect Turbine 

Is the power curve from an unknown manufacturer realistic?  Here's a tabular picture of what a perfect turbine output would be.  Also included is what a GOOD turbine output would be like! 

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