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Fall 2001

Vol. 02, No. 1


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What an emotionally, intellectually and visually stimulating magazine you have created! Thank you for the beautiful profiles of a variety of NDSU people. "The Right Combination" about Ana Simonovic and Marc Anderson was an especially moving celebration of the art of the possible, as well as the power of the Internet to bring us closer. Compliments to Martin Fredricks.
Cecilia Matta
Casey Riske
Class of '84
Seattle, WA

I got a lot out of Rebecca Knutson's story on underage drinking on campus in the Spring 2001 issue. I can now think of the ways I could apply some of the things I read about when I work with my church's youth group. I felt one of the reasons contributing to the problem at NDSU was that of boredom. That was especially true in the winter. Creating safe and accessible alternatives to drinking is certainly a positive and measurable approach. Students showing up at functions like MU Live are obviously not out drinking. That's the way it should be. After all, we were there to go to college and achieve academic success. I wish programs like this the best of luck.
Dan Sullivan
Class of '92

The latest edition, Spring 2001, was fabulous! I especially enjoyed the article about Lowell Christiansen. Great success story! I am so proud of NDSU's research!
LaRon Croft
Dayton, NV

In the spring issue of the NDSU magazine there is a very interesting article about Lowell Christiansen, class of '63. Lowell and I were close friends in college. I too belonged to the SPD fraternity and attended the LSA on a regular basis. We both worked summers for the USFS in Idaho. After graduation we went our separate ways and lost touch. Imagine my surprise when I saw the article.
Eugene (Gene) Hanson,
Arch Eng., Class of '63.
Portland, ND

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