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FALL 2009

Vol. 10, No. 1


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Relief Print, 8 x 10 inches


Katie Johanson created this piece as a participant in North Dakota State University's Governor's Schools in the Visual Arts program, and it is part of a traveling exhibition 9:1. Ten gifted high school students from around the state participated in the six-week program. The students chose the title for the show, 9:1, as a way of referencing their individuality as well as their cohesion as a group, but also to signify that often at least one student disagreed with the other nine when arriving at decisions. Johanson is a junior at Century High School in Bismarck.

The inspiration for this piece came from a shirt that said "think bright thoughts." The other elements came together as my ideas grew. This is a symbol for the necessity to think on our own, and to think positively. Now that the world is changing and conforming to different things, it is really important to stress individuality and independence.

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