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International Heteropterists’ Society

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This page will continue to grow. Let us know what you think and ways it might be improved. We have included photographs of heteropterists from the National Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC) collection, so our first selection is now strongly biased toward North American workers. Of course, we plan to expand the gallery to include workers from around the world.

As you will see, we also have included references to biographies, obituaries, lists of publications, lists of described species, and similar citations. Let us know if this kind of information is of interest to you.

Please send photographs, references, comments, and other inquiries about this site to David Rider.

Past Workers:

Nils M. Anderson
Peter Ashlock
Harry G. Barber
Ernst Evald Bergroth
José C. M. Carvalho
René H. Cobben
Carl J. Drake
Richard (Dick) C. Froeschner
Halbert M. Harris
Otto Heidemann
T-Y Hsiao
Herbert B. Hungerford
Antti Jansson
I. M. Kerzhner (announcement)
I. M. Kerzhner
Nicholas A. Kormilev
Dennis Leston
Per Lindskog
Jenaro Maldonado
William L. McAtee
Vasiliy Georgievich Putshkov
James A. Slater
Sir Richard Southwood
Philip Reese Uhler
Robert L. Usinger
Edward P. Van Duzee

Present Workers:

Harry Brailovsky
Paula S. Firza Ferreira
Ursula Göllner-Scheiding
Eric Guilbert
M. Javahery
Antonio R. Panizzi
Dan A. Polhemus
Carl W. Schaefer
Masaaki Tomokuni
Jitka Vilimova
A. G. Wheeler, Jr.
Le-Yi Zheng
Group visiting USNM, 2002
    (Thomas (Tad) Dobbs,
    Lois O'Brien,
    Thomas Henry,
    Paulo Fiuza Ferreira ,
    Michele Touchet,
    Eric Guilbert,
    Julieta Brambila

Group meetings:

1956 International Congress of Entomology, Montreal
Meetings of Heteropterists in London, 1958
1972 International Congress of Entomology, Canberra, Australia
1976 International Congress of Entomology, Washington, DC
1980 International Congress of Entomology, Kyoto, Japan

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updated: 12 February 2009