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AMNH Invertebrate Zoology Type Specimens

Association of Systematics Collections

Between Bioacoustics and music (an interesting site maintained by M. Gogala on various insect [and mammals] sounds, including Heteroptera)

Bibliography of mirid pests of cocoa

Bibliography of the Pentatomoidea

Biography of Heteroptera Workers - this web page lists most of the important workers in heteropterology both past and present.  It gives some biographical information, references, and some insight into where their type specimens may be conserved.

Checklist of the Finnish Hemipteroidea

Deraeocoris nebulosus (Uhler), a mirid predator overview by D. Boyd (other such kinds of information available on the web)

Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Entomology on the World Wide Web

Entomological collections in Australia and New Zealand

European Community-Latin America Triatominae Research Network (ECLAT), site for discussing problems associated with Triatominae

Halobates website by N. M. Andersen:

Hemiptera collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum, including the collection of Dr. S. A. Kulik

Hemiptera Tree of Life:

Heteroptera Newsletter (HETNEWS.ORG.UK) for anyone interested in the true bugs of the British Isles. As of Nov. 2005, 6 informative issues are available free as downloadable pdf files. Sign-up for free future online issues.

International Plant Names Index:

Hemiptera type collection holdings of the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

New Zealand Hemiptera

Pentatomoidea web site - This website contains a wealth of information on the superfamily Pentatomoidea, including host plant records, natural enemy records, collection lists, systematic information, and a bibliography

Planetary Biodiversity Inventory - Plant Bugs (PBI)

Photo album of entomologists

Podisus Online Worldwide asopine and Podisus (Pentatomidae:Asopine) database by Patick De Clercq. Besides a general introduction to the biology of the predatory bugs of the genus Podisus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) and their potential for the biological control of agricultural pests, this site provides an outline of the research conducted by Dr. Patrick De Clercq and his team at the Laboratory of Agrozoology of the University of Ghent (Belgium) and a list of their relevant publications.

Carl Stål's 1870-1876 Enumeratio Hemipterorum online:

The Ohio State University Insect Collection

Willi Hennig Society (includes lists of phylogenetic software)

World Catalogs online:

Carvalho, José C. M. 1957-1960. Catalogue of the Miridae of the World:

Drake, Carl J. & Florence A. Ruhoff. 1965. Lacebugs of the World: A Catalog (Hemiptera: Tingidae):

Göllner-Scheiding, Ursula. 1983. General-Katalog der Rhopalidae: [link currently not working]

Maldonado Capriles, Jenaro. 1990. Catalogue of the Reduviidae of the World:

Schuh, R. T.  Catalog of Miridae of the World

Slater, James A. Lygaeidae of the World:

Slater, James A. & Jane E. O'Donnell. 1995. A Catalogue of the Lygaeidae of the World (1960-1994):

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