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Jean Péricart (1928-2011)
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Our French colleague Jean Péricart passed away Friday, June 24th.  He was 83 years old.  Jean was the "correspondent of the MNHN" and a great entomologist.  He made a monumental contribution to our understanding of the systematics of true bugs.  His contributions in the "Faune de France" series are some of the finest regional treatments of true bugs that have ever been produced.  His contributions on the Anthocoridae, Saldidae, Tingidae, Berytidae and Rhyparochromidae will serve as benchmarks into the future.  He was a leader in understanding the Heteroptera of the western Palearctic, but his work spanned many parts of the world.  He was an inspiration to his European colleagues with whom he worked extensively.  Our sincere condolences are offered to his family, friends, and colleagues.  We will miss him.


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updated: 22 July 2011