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Euschistus strenuus Stål, 1862
(Family Pentatomidae)

Note: References to this species as human food are usually under the name Euschistus zopilotensis, which is a junior synonym of Euschistus strenuus.

Food Use:

"Euschistus zopilotensis Distant [see note above]. Ancona, writing in Ann. Inst. Biol. (Mex.) in 1933 states that this pentatomine species, popularly known as 'jumiles' as are many other species of Heteroptera, is extensively used as food in Cuautla, State of Morelos, Mexico.  Mr. N. L. H. Krauss, in a letter to Dr. R. I. Sailer in 1945 states that he has seen them sold alive in buckets at Cuernavaca, Morelos, by the indians who say that they scrape the bugs off trees in the nearby mountains.  He further states that they are usually sold in paper cones, in handful lots, by venders, the price being about two pesos (about 42 cents U.S. cy.) per kilo.  They are eaten alive or dropped into stew just before serving.  Only a few are used since they have a strong taste." (Hoffmann, 1947)

Medecine Use:

"They are supposed to cure kidney, liver, and stomach complaints." (Hoffmann, 1947)


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