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Pavel Štys
Professor of Zoology

Charles University, Czech Republic

     I am not particularly focused on the Pentatomoidea.  This superfamily represents for me one of the distinct clades of Heteroptera (although, in my opinion, with still unsufficiently corroborated monophyly), which must be included in any comparative study of true bugs.  As such I am concerned with pentatomoids in the following studies: 1) infraorder and family level phylogeny and higher classification of the Heteroptera; 2) architecture, venation and articulation of wings in the Hemiptera (jointly with J. Kukalová-Peck); 3) attitudes of passerine birds towards the red-and-black warning coloured complex of European Heteroptera (jointly with A. Exnerová, J. Zrzavý and others); and 4) antipredatory defenses in Heteroptera (jointly with A. Exnerová).


Contact Information:
Department of Zoology
Charles University
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Telephone: 00420-22195-1835
FAX: 00420-22195-1841


Current Projects:

1) A new group of pentatomids, the arrow-headed bugs, from Australia and its enigmatic morphology (mainly head, stylet bundle, labium, stridulation mechanisms in larvae [different from that of adults]).

2) A new subfamily of Urostylididae from Madagascar

3) Sexual dimorphism in cephalic morphology of the Pentatomoidea, and its function.

4) Breakup of customary diagnostic characters in some higher pentatomoid taxa from Madagascar.

5) Larval anatomy of Ceratozygum (Cyrtocoridae).


Štys, P. 1976. Heteroptera of the State Nature Reserve Kopeč in Bohemia. Behemia Centralis 1976: 165-172. [in czech]

Johansen, A. I., A. Exnerová, K. H. Svádová, P. Štys, G. Gamberale-Stille, and B. S. Tullberg. 2010. Adaptive change in protective coloration in adult striated shieldbugs Graphosoma lineatum (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae): Test of detectability of two colour forms by avian predators. Ecological Entomology 35(5):602-610. [computer copy]

Vršanský, P., J. A. Lis, J. Schlögl, M. Guldan, T. Mlynský, P. Barna, and P. Štys. 2015. Partially disarticulated new Miocene burrower bug (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae) from Cerová (Slovakia) documents occasional preservation of terrestrial arthropods in deep-marine sediments. European Journal of Entomology 112(4): ???.


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