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Aegaleus divisus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1840)



Cimex lineatus Thunberg, 1822: 2. (preoccupied)

Cimex divisus Herrich-Schäffer, 1840: 62, fig. 504. (syn. by Stål, 1865)

Pentatoma divisum: Herrich-Schäffer, 1844: 96.

Rhaphigaster divisus: Dallas, 1851: 289.

Antestia lineata: Stål, 1865: 206.

Aegaleus lineatus: Stål, 1876: 99.

Aegaleus divisus: Kirkaldy, 1909: 134.

Distribution: South Africa.

Type Material: Cimex lineatus Thunberg, 1822: ST(S), Capensis [South Africa], UZIU or NHRS. Cimex divisus Herrich-Schäffer, 1840: ST(S), Africa, [probably destroyed].


Specimens Examined:
  • a) "Witzenberg Vall., S.W. Cape Prov. 3,000 ft. 19.i.1921.";  b) "S. Africa. R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1921-79." (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "lineatus Thunberg";  b) "Cape C."; c) "Distant Coll. 1911-383." (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "S. Africa" [circular label];  b) "c";  c) "lineata identified by Dallas" (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Ceres, Cape Province. 1,500 ft. Jan. 1921."; b) "S. Africa. R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1921-78" (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Distant Coll. 1911-383." (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "Cape";  b) "Saunders. 65-13.";  c) "2. Antestia lineata." (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "No. 10 C. Africa" [another word in parentheses that I can't quite read; it looks like (Peremfuly);  b) "Distant Coll. 1911-383." (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "S. Africa: Cape Prov. Cape Peninsula, Hout Bay, 23 Jan 1968 JA&S Slater, T. Schuh M.H. Sweet" (1♀, AMNH)
  • a) "S. Africa: Cape Prov. Cape Agulhas 2 Feb 1968, T. Schuh JA&S Slater, M. Sweet" (2♂♂, 2♀♀, AMNH)
  • a) "South Africa: Cape of Good Hope Prov.: Cape Town 1-2.XI.1970";  b) "J., J.H. & M. Sedlacek Colls. Bishop" (1♂, BPBM)
  • a) "So. Africa interc. at N.Y. on Vitis vinifera 6-8-54 M.J. Ramsay" (1♀, USNM)
  • a) "Elim, CP. S. Afr. 28.1.71 M.W. Strydom" (1♂, SANC)
  • a) "Port Alfred 7.II.66 A.L. Capener";  b) "AC. NC. 180" (1♀, SANC)
  • a) "Südafrika 28.IV - 1.V.1995 34°11'S/24°29'E Tsitsikamma Forest & Coastal N.P., lg. Deckert" (1♂, ZMHB)





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