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Aegaleus sparrmani (Stål, 1865)



Antestia Sparrmani Stål, 1865: 205.

Pentatoma Sparmanii [sic]: Walker, 1867: 296.

Aegaleus Sparrmani: Stål, 1876: 99.

Distribution: South Africa.

Type Material: ST(S) &, Terra capensis [South Africa], NHRS.


Specimens Examined:
  • a) "bicinctus Germ" [folded];  b) "No 9.";  c) "Distant Coll. 1911-383" (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Cape Town, Milnerton. Feb. 1926.";  b) S. Africa R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1926-119." (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Dr. Smith. S. Afr. 44-6."  b) "2";  c) "1. Antestia bicincta." [folded] (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "S. Africa, R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1922-67.";  b) "George: Cape Province. 19-21.i.1922." (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "S. Africa.";  b) "Keurboom R. Jan. 1922. Chas. K. Brain";  c) "Pres. by Imp. Bur. Ent. Brit. Mus. 1922-260.";  d) "Aegaleus bicinctus Germ. Det. B. Uvarov." [folded] (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Cape Town";  b) "A. sparrmani Stål";  c) "South Africa: B.M. 1926-40." (1♀, BMNH)
  • a) "Cape Province, Swellendam. ii.1932";  b) S. Africa R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1932-145." (1♂, BMNH)
  • a) "Ceres, Cape Province. 1,500 ft. Jan. 1921.";  b) "S. Africa, R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1921-78." (1♂, BMNH; 1♂, ZMAS)
  • a) "S. Africa: Cape Prov. Grootvatersbosch For. Res., 14 mi. N. Heidelburg 5 Feb 1968, T. Schuh JA&S Slater, M. Sweet" (6♂♂, 3♀♀, AMNH)
  • a) "R.S.A. 2-3.01.1993 Cape Province, Swellendam, Bontebok Nat. P. leg. F. Koch" (1♂, 1♀, ZMHB)
  • a) "Namibia De Hoop 16.X.1993, leg. Koch" (1♂, ZMHB)
  • a) "Cape Town J.C. Bridwell";  b) "Bridwell collection";  c) Aegaleus bicinctus Germar S.A.M 1915 JCB" [folded] (1♀, USNM)
  • a) "Cape Town J.C. Bridwell";  b) "Bridwell collection";  c) Aegaleus bicinctus (Germar) det R.I. Sailer" [folded] (1♂, USNM)
  • a) "South Africa CP Plettenberg Bay 34.03S 23.23E, 13.iii.1990 V.M. Uys" (1♂, SANC)
  • a) "South Africa Humansdorp C.P. i.1979 S.J.v. Tonder" (1♂, SANC)
  • a) "Ceres, Cape Province, 2-21.iii.1921.";  b) "S. Africa, R.E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1921-150.";  c) "Aegaleus sparmani Stal W.E. China det." (1♀, ZMAS)





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