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*Check the appropriate course type below:
Individual Study—Undergraduate/Professional: 194, 294, 394, 494, 593
Catalog Description: Individual student work on research or criticism under the supervision of a professor. 1-5 credits
Individual Study—Graduate: 793, 893
Catalog Description: Directed study allowing an individual student under faculty supervision to undertake selected, independent work in topics of special interest or a limited experience in research. Departmental approval. 1-5 credits.
Field Experience: 196, 296, 396, 496, 595, 695, 795, 895
Catalog Description: Field-oriented supervised learning activities outside the college classroom that include a preplanned assessment of the experience, registration during the term the experience is conducted, and post evaluation with the instructor. Departmental approval. 1-15 credits.
Practicum/Internship: 594, 794, 894
Catalog Description: Course designed to provide practical participation under professional supervision in selected situations to gain experience in the application of concepts, principles, and theories related to the student's area of specialization. Requires approved program and consent of instructor. Graded S or U. 1-8 credits.
Seminar: 291, 391, 491, 590, 690, 790, 890
Catalog Description: A group of students engaged, under a professor or professors, in research or criticism and in presentation of reports pertaining thereto. 1-5 credits.
Requested Class Section Information

NOTE: Courses carry the university-approved catalog title on the transcript (e.g., Seminar), but may be subtitled to more accurately describe section course content or theme.

(see "Course Type" section above)

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(Department Consent requires issuance of a class permit/electronic permission to enable a student to register)

Graded + Incomplete (GIN) — includes A, B, C, D, F, P, S, U, I (any level course)
Pass/No Pass (PNP) — includes P/F grades (undergraduate/professional only)
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (SUS)* — includes S/U grades (graduate only)
Graded (GRD) — includes A, B, C, D, F
* Practicum/Internship 594, 794 is only offered on a SUS grading basis


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