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Richard Schrom tells about his favorite hangout, shortcut, place to eat and other good things at NDSU

Published December 2015

Senior Richard Schrom was selected to be a student speaker and vocalist at NDSU’s winter commencement. Schrom reflects on some of his favorite things about NDSU as he prepares to graduate.  

Major: Vocal Music Education

Hometown: Little Canada, Minnesota

Campus involvement: NDSU Concert Choir, NDSU Madrigal Singers, NDSU Bison Arts Singers and NDSU Chapter of the College Music Society

What is your favorite NDSU memory?
I recently took a trip to Iceland and Scotland with the NDSU Concert Choir. It was really cool to see the history of some of the music that we performed.

What is your favorite “welcome to the real world” moment?
I have had to pull a few all-nighters. They can sometimes be avoided, but other times you just have to go through with one. It made me realize that I have to go that extra mile if I want to achieve greater things.

Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?
The dining centers. Any place where I can get unlimited food has a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite NDSU tradition?
Singing the school song, “The Yellow and the Green,” after each NDSU Concert Choir concert. After each concert, the choir gathers in an appropriate space and stands in a circle with arms around each other. Alumni who are in attendance quickly rush to join in the singing. It’s a great way to celebrate the success of a concert and for alumni to gather.

What is your favorite building on campus?
Reineke Fine Arts Center. It was practically my second home because I spent countless hours practicing and doing homework there.

Who is your favorite NDSU teacher?
I have two favorite teachers, Jo Ann Miller and Michael Weber. Watching them work with the choirs inspires me to do my best work because I eventually want to get to that point in my life as a music teacher. I have had a great opportunity to study under them during my four years in the Challey School of Music.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?
The library. I can be easily distracted, so the library’s serene environment is good for learning.

What is your favorite mode of transportation on campus?
When I lived on campus, my bike was the best way to get around. It was much faster than walking. The recent Bike Share program has been great too.

What is your favorite class at NDSU?
Choral Literature. It was awesome to learn about so many different kinds of music and determine which pieces and eras of music I really enjoyed. I have such a greater knowledge of how certain pieces of music should be prepared and performed.

What is your favorite campus shortcut?
I cut through Minard Hall, which connects to the music building, and then exit at 12th Avenue. It’s nice in the winter because you can be inside rather than braving the elements.

What is your favorite on-campus spot to hang out with friends?
The Babbling Brook. The area surrounding the brook is a great spot for groups to gather and hang out or work on homework.

What is your favorite NDSU event to attend?
NDSU football and basketball games. The energy and passion at both events is unreal.

What is your favorite NDSU advice you’ve received?
Never give up. Go back and reflect on all of the progress that you have made.  It would be a shame to stop or let down your effort. This is something that I now tell the students that I work with as well as my classmates.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will begin substitute teaching and will pursue a full-time music teaching position.

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