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Survey shows NDSU students value working hard to graduate on time

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bruno Lozano wants to make the most of his college experience by meeting new people, trying new things, getting involved on campus, and growing as a person and as a student. 

His social schedule is important to him. But graduating in a timely fashion is his top priority.   

“The best way to get the opportunity to do everything you want academically and outside the classroom is to have at least 15 credits,” said Lozano, a strategic communication major with minors in Spanish, French and English. “You are a full-time student, but you still have time to get involved.” 

Many of Lozano’s peers agree. NDSU’s STEPS to Success research showed four of five NDSU students believe it’s important to register for and complete 15 credits a semester rather than taking the minimum for a full-time student. 

Four of five students believe it’s important to register for and complete 15 credits.

Completing at least 15 credits helps students succeed in several ways: 

  • Puts a student on track to graduate in four years.
  • Saves money by not having to enroll in additional semesters to complete degree and getting into workforce sooner.
  • Helps manage time wisely through an appropriate academic workload that still allows time for campus activities. 

“Taking 15 credits each semester keeps me engaged on campus and in the classroom,” Lozano said. “It also helps me feel like I’m part of the community on campus. I’m busy, but never overwhelmed.”  

Lozano’s career goal is to work in a communications role at a hospital or private business after graduation. He is the president of the Residence Hall Association and will start work this fall at the NDSU Center for Writers, where he will help fellow students primarily with writing in Spanish.   

STEPS to Success

NDSU’s STEPS to Success initiative highlights the actual attitudes and behaviors held by the majority of NDSU students, like Lozano, and gives tips on how to achieve success in college.

The information is based on research. The STEPS to Success team gathered information from a large sample of NDSU undergraduates in spring 2016, asking both about their own academic behaviors and attitudes and their perceptions about other students’ academic behaviors and attitudes.

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