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Survey shows NDSU students are driven to achieve

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wade DeAustin considers himself a typical NDSU undergraduate student; he is an achiever whose focus is earning his bachelor’s degree. 

Like DeAustin, most NDSU students plan to finish what they start, even if they have moments when they question their choice of major, struggle selecting a career path or wonder if they made the right decision about college. A STEPS to Success survey says nine of 10 students are committed to earning their degree at NDSU. 

DeAustin, a senior biological sciences major from Marshall, Minnesota, considers his education an investment in his future. 

“I am very committed to earning my degree at NDSU. Several in my family have graduated from NDSU, and all of them are rising up in their respective careers. I aspire to be like them,” said DeAustin, who wants to be a doctor. “Earning my degree will be a huge jump towards the finish line when it comes to getting into and finishing medical school.”

NDSU is a community of achievers, where nine of 10 students are committed to earning their degree.

DeAustin sees that same dedication to earning a degree in his peers.

“In my opinion, NDSU students are very driven and almost all of them have goals for themselves after they wrap up their collegiate careers. Earning their degree is the first step in achieving those goals,” he said. “Seeing my friends studying on campus is a small, yet fitting, example of what NDSU students are like. The library is almost always full when dead week and finals roll around, which truly shows the dedication students at NDSU have to getting high marks and earning their degrees.”

While classes are his priority, DeAustin takes part in many opportunities on campus, which deepens his connection with the campus community. He’s a supervisor at the ACE Tutoring Center and a learning assistant for general biology. He’s also active in the Rising Scholars Peer Mentors program and participates in NDSU intramural sports.

NDSU is a strong community of achievers, with NDSU’s faculty and staff always willing to help. “Everyone has been unwavering with their support,” he said. “From my academic adviser to my professors to my bosses at my on-campus job, everyone has pushed me to succeed. They’ve all been there for me.”

The NDSU Counseling Center can assist students process their personal concerns, and NDSU Career Center can help students explore their interests, potential majors and career options.

“I know this school was the right choice for me,” DeAustin said. “People are super friendly and welcoming, and NDSU has tons of things to do, like following the Bison sports teams or getting involved in any of the campus clubs. NDSU really is a great choice for anyone.”

STEPS to Success
NDSU’s STEPS to Success initiative highlights the attitudes and behaviors held by most NDSU students, and offers tips on how to succeed in college. 

The information is based on research. The STEPS to Success team gathered information from a large sample of NDSU undergraduates in spring 2016, asking both about their own academic behaviors and attitudes and their perceptions about other students’ academic behaviors and attitudes.

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