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High school STEM camp registration open

Registration for the NDSU College of Engineering’s High School STEM Bootcamp remains open through Tuesday, July 5. The camps are scheduled July 11-14 on the NDSU campus and cost $175, or $250 with housing. 

The camps are for any high school student entering grades 9-12 who wants to learn more about engineering. Students will spend four days living in a residence hall and taking classes from NDSU faculty.

The camps include:

Game Design Camp
Participants will be introduced to game design principles such as the design elements of a good game, storyline, role playing, programming techniques and game music making. The game design development process will be emphasized as strategy games are created, tested and demonstrated. Students will work with technologies that include Scratch, GameMaker, the Unity Game Engine and the Python Programming Language. Click Game Design Camp to register.

VEX Robotics Boot Camp
Students are challenged to discover the world of automation and robotics. In this four-day camp, students will learn how to use the VEX robotics and ROBOTC control systems. Then they will be divided into teams and presented with an exciting design challenge in the form of a game. The teams will face off in a competition that involves teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Click VEX Robotics Boot Camp to register.

Shaping a Sustainable Clean Energy Future
Students will explore the challenges of conventional energy sources and learn how to use alternative, renewable energy sources like wind and solar. This camp includes hands-on activities to develop engineering skills and teach students how free sunlight can solve daily energy needs. Students also will build and refine an energy transformation device to convert sunlight to electrical energy. they will apply science concepts they have learned to craft and experiment. Click Shaping a Sustainable Clean Energy Future to register.

New Dimension of Engineering Design: Natures way
This project helps students incorporate imagination into their design process. Students will become familiar with the new era of design expectations through the use of 3D scanner and 3D printers. This project will encourage students to strengthen their technology competence, as well as innovative thinking. Click New Dimension of Engineering Design: Nature’s way to register.

Materials Science
Students will learn about materials science, which uses chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics to create innovative materials that are rapidly transforming the way things are made. Exotic alloys, super-strong and super light composites, “smart” materials that remember their shape or repair themselves are changing the manufacturing industry. Emerging materials include composites, biomaterials, nanomaterials, graphite materials, prosthetics and implants. Click Materials Science to register.

Programming and Building Nanocopters
In this camp, students will explore the exciting world of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. They will learn to build and program the versatile Crazyflie quadcopter with the ultimate goal of making the quadcopters fly in formation and swarm as seen in a recent TED Talk. Click Programming and Building Nanocopters to register.

For more information about the boot camps contact Holly Erickson.

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