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Students receive fellowships to research water resources

The North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute announced its Graduate Research Fellowship recipients for 2011-12. Fellowships ranging from $2,000 to $12,000 were awarded to 15 graduate students conducting research in water resources areas.

The 2011-12 fellows at NDSU, their advisers and research projects are:

Andrea Hanson, biological sciences; Mark Sheridan; “Uptake and effects of environmental estrogens on growth of fish;”

Anusha Balangoda, environmental and conservation sciences; Wei Lin; “Studies of Seasonal Succession of Cyanobacteria and Green algae at Heinrich-Martin Impoundment, North Dakota;”

Brianna Schneck, biological sciences; John McEvoy and Mark Clark; “Source tracking of Cryptosporidium in rural watersheds;”

Christopher Capecchi, civil engineering; Achintya Bezbaruah; “Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater Remediation by Entrapped Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron;”

Dhritikshama Roy, civil engineering; Achintya Bezbaruah and Eakalak Khan; “Plant-based Biopolymers for Entrapping Metal Nanoparticles for Arsenic Removal: Biodegradation and Treatability Studies;”

Justin Fisher, biological sciences; Craig Stockwell; “Integrating life stage habitat into landscape genetics model for the conservation of a declining amphibian species;”

Katrin Chambers, soil science; Francis Casey; “Bioavailability of Dissolved and Colloidal Organic Carbon Bound Estrogen;”

Lindsey Malum, natural resources management; Edward Dekeyser and Jack Norland; “Ecosystem Services and Wetland Condition Assessment in the Prairie Pothole Region;”

Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, agricultural and biosystems engineering; Zhulu Lin; “Hydrologic adaptation of SWAT model for snow dominated and high groundwater table conditioned watersheds and scenario analysis of impacts of tile drainage on stream flow;”

Sharanya Shanbhogue, civil engineering; Achintya Bezbaruah and Eakalak Khan; “Co-entrapment of iron nanoparticles and trichloroethylene degrading bacteria in alginate biopolymer for groundwater remediation;”

Tanush Wadhawan, civil engineering; Eakalak Khan and John McEvoy; “Role of agricultural drainage on transport of Cryptosporidium oocysts in North Dakota;” and

Veselina Valkov, civil engineering; Wei Lin; “Temporal-spatial distribution  of phytoplankton and diversity in relation to lake physical and chemical condition.”

Recipients at the University of North Dakota include Hasin Shahad Munna, civil engineering; Kate Overmoe-Kenninger, earth science system and policy; and Kyle Hafliger, civil engineering.

Funding for the fellowship program comes primarily from the annual base grant provided to the institute by the U.S. Geological Survey and an additional support of 15 percent of the base grant comes from the North Dakota State Water Commission. North Dakota’s institute is one of 54 institutes, each located in a land-grant institution of states and territories under the umbrella of National Institutes for Water Resources.

For more information, contact G. Padmanabhan, institute director and professor of civil engineering, at 1-7043, or or visit

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