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8 things to discover about NDSU

Student Body President Mason Rademacher and Vice President Joseph Vollmer share eight things that have been an important part of their NDSU experience. They want you to discover them, too.

1. NDSU sporting events

Mason: One of the best perks of attending NDSU are the great sports teams we have. What's even better than having some of the best programs in all of Division I? The fact that all students are able to attend these events for free. Join your friends and other NDSU students as we cheer on our great student-athletes.

2. Research

Joseph: Here at NDSU, research is a major foundation of the holistic education you can receive as an undergraduate or graduate student. From polymeric coatings to how rumens digest different nutrition ratios and everything in between, the innovation NDSU brings to the table will help continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. Coming here as an undergraduate, I was exposed to a variety of research projects that enhanced my overall educational experience within my academic field.

3. Student organizations

Mason: Here at NDSU, we are extremely fortunate to have more than 300 student organizations, so that there truly is something for every single student to get involved in. If one of them isn't for you, you can always create a new organization with your friends.

4. Well-being

Joseph: An inclusive atmosphere of personal growth involving the many areas of well-being is a true passion for the NDSU administration and its students. Go outside your areas of comfort and grab a friend to see the many offerings our wellness, career, and academic resources have to offer. If you’re feeling unwell, see how you can feel better with the help of Student Health and the Wellness Center. If you’re struggling with your mental health and classes, the Counseling Center or Disability Services may be able to help you. And if you need help finding direction or aren’t happy with your major, the Career and Advising Center can help you find a fit that is right for you. A lot of people struggle, and NDSU has resources to help keep all of its students confident in their ability to succeed and feeling their best.

5. Study Abroad

Mason: Between my sophomore and junior years, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a faculty-led study abroad program for a week and a half in London. I can truthfully say it is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Whether you are interested in a brief experience abroad or a full semester, check out all of the opportunities our study abroad office offers.

6. Course opportunities

Joseph: Taking a class outside your major is an exciting and rewarding opportunity that helps you better understand a variety of different perspectives. Having so many different specialized departments on campus gives you lots of chances to learn from different areas. I am a general agriculture student. Coming in, I had the chance to take an acting class. That choice to step outside my comfort area to learn how to better communicate has been beneficial to me as I work towards my future goals. And it helped propel me into the student government position I am in today. 

7.  Community

Mason: One of the aspects that separates NDSU from any other universities within our region is the love and passion the Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo community has for this institution and their desire to support the students here. There are always great events going on and if you're ever looking for something to do, check out these fun things to do. 

8. Student focused

Joseph: Here at NDSU, the university lives up to the idea of being student-focused. I arrived here at NDSU from rural North Dakota wondering just how I would be able to deal with a big university like NDSU. However, I was blown away with the passion everyone has for students. Everything here on campus is dedicated to the mission of being here for you – the students. From having one-on-one connections with your professors to the many events held on campus, everything you encounter here revolves around the pride NDSU has for students.

Mason is a senior majoring in management communication, while Joseph is a senior majoring in general agriculture.

As a student-focused, land grant, research university, we serve our citizens.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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