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7 things to discover about NDSU

Student Body President Matthew Friedmann and Vice President Kylee Arndt share some important aspects of their NDSU experience. They want you to discover and enjoy them, too.

1. Performing Arts 

Matt: At NDSU, we have an incredibly talented group of students who work so hard to put on wonderful plays, musicals, and recitals all year round. What I love so much about performing arts is that there is truly room for everyone no matter their experience or talent. Thanks to the funding from Student Government, their events are free to students and this year although different, they are still putting on so many great events. They also are very active on Facebook, where you can keep up to date with all that’s happening.

2. Research

Kylee: One of the major draws to NDSU is its foundation on research. Here, you can be a part of the research whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student or faculty member. From research on bees to the composition of roof tiles, NDSU has something for everyone. The research at NDSU will push society to a new way of thinking and doing. I know the research I have been introduced to certainly has pushed me to think outside the box.

3. Student Organizations 

Matt: NDSU has amazing opportunities for students to be involved. Student organizations allow students to find groups who share similar interests and hobbies. I have found my community here at NDSU through my involvement in student organizations and I know there is a place for every student to feel like they belong. All of our student organizations can be found through myNDSU, which is a wonderful tool for students to manage their involvement.

4. Course Opportunities

Kylee: At NDSU, you are not limited to classes within your scope of study. Rather, you are encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. My junior year, I took a course on international politics – something that is not part of my major in electrical engineering. This course interested me, so I took it, and learned to analyze the actions of states. I loved the course, and eventually went on to take even more interest in politics.

5. Well-being

Matt: No one said college was going to be easy, but lately everything seems to be more challenging than normal. From balancing classes to trying to navigate through a global pandemic, college life is much different than is used to be. When times get tough, I lean on the people and resources in my life to help me get through.

Luckily, NDSU students have a wide range of support services designed to help us navigate these moments. These include mental health support through the Counseling Center, accommodations through Disability Services, career and academic coaching through the Career and Advising Center and healthy support through the Student Health Services. Well-being isn’t something we arrive at one day; it is something we have to be intentional about every day. I encourage students to take time out of their day to check in with a friend and see how they are doing. Talking about our feelings with someone we trust can be so relieving.

6. Community

Kylee: Fargo-Moorhead is rich in history, business and activities. You can attend museums (my favorites are the Plains Art Museum and the Fargo Air Museum), go to a program on entrepreneurship called 1 Million Cups, shop the downtown district, visit one of our many coffee shops, attend our farmer’s market or cruise down the streets for West Fargo’s Cruise Night/Car Show.

7. Get Tested 

Matt: As we’ve outlined here, there are so many fun things to do and discover at NDSU even during a pandemic. However, in order for NDSU to continue to offer these great opportunities it is crucial that students, faculty and staff take their responsibility of frequent testing seriously. As a way to help motivate students to get tested, Student Government is doing a drawing each week for a $250 Visa gift card and five $100 bookstore gift cards.

Students simply need to get tested and then enter into the drawing on the Student Government website. We want to remind students that most of us will not even know we are infected and can spread the virus to others unknowingly. The only way to know is to get tested even when we don’t feel sick.

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