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Tips on making pandemic quarantine easier

Bill Burns, director of the NDSU Counseling Center, has several helpful tips for maintaining mental and physical health during quarantine.

If you’re in quarantine during the pandemic, here is some expert advice on how to stay both safe and on the top of your game.

“Remember that quarantine or isolation time doesn’t change who you are – your core identity – whether you are a student, spouse, partner, professional or athlete. The core of who you are has not changed,” said Bill Burns, director of the NDSU Counseling Center. “Accept that we are in a time period where we are not in full control; decide what you can control and take action.”

Burns says quarantine can be lonely and boring for some people. The isolation potentially can harm a person’s mental health or make it harder for students to focus on their studies.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Burns has these suggestions on how make the best of the situation and alleviate stress:

• Create a daily routine

• Eat well

• Stimulate the brain with fun activities

• Stay in touch with friends and family

• Limit time on social media

• Get some exercise

• Treat yourself

Take a break from the 24-hour news cycle

Get a good night’s sleep

• If possible, get outside into the sunlight and into nature

• Download the WellTrack app with your NDSU email address

“While we are facing a time of great uncertainty, it is important to remember that human beings are resilient,” Burns said. “We tend to overestimate how badly we will be affected by negative events and underestimate how well we cope with difficult situations. Be mindful that you are likely more resilient than you think. While it seems that there are many things currently out of control, focus on what you can control and look for opportunities for growth along the way.”

Additional resources are available from the North Dakota Department of Health.

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