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Employee Recognition Social set

NDSU is set to honor employees for years of services at the Employee Recognition Social, scheduled for Friday, April 29, at 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Memorial Union Oceti Sakowin Ballroom.

In addition, a group of retirees will be recognized.

Honorees include:

Five years

Melonie Bald Eagle, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Robin Besse, Institutional Research and Analysis

Nathan Bjoralt, Athletics

Honggang Bu, AES School of Nat Res Sciences

Kali Christianson, Deans Office, Business

Cathryn Church, Facilities Management

Ashley Cooper, AES Plant Science

Meaghan Dullea, Student Health Services

Nicholas Dusek, Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology

Darin Eisinger, AES Plant Science

Carmen Ewert, AES Langdon R/E Ctr

Julie Giffey, Payroll

Shelly Gustafson, Accounting

Amanda Hamre, Payroll

Ana Heilman Morales, AES Plant Science

Heather Higgins-Dochtermann, Office of the Provost

Deb Hofer, Dining

Peter Ihry, AES Plant Science

Anne Johnson, Admission

Debra Johnson, Extension Food and Nutrition

Patricia Johnson, Nursing, Sanford Bismarck

Bradley Jore, Facilities Management

Kari Klettke, Deans Office, Business

Zachary Koskiniemi, Facilities Management

Catherine Kratochvil, Library

Kimberly Larson, Student Health Services

Kathryn Larson, Customer Account Services

Margaret Latterell, Division of Performing Arts

Eric Lunde, Dining

Kevin Mark, Facilities Management

Emma Marshall, Residence Life

Gregory McCarty, Wellness Center

Joseph Mettler, AES Plant Science

Amanda Miller, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Jill Motschenbacher, Office of Teaching and Learning

Mary O'Neill, North Dakota Forest Service

Marcel Pacada, Dining

Kojo Poku, Facilities Management

Marianne Quittschreiber, Wellness Center

Christine Rateau, Dining

James Rudolph, Facilities Management

Mariam Said, Extension Food and Nutrition

Joshua Schroetter, VP Finance and Administration

Timothy Schulz, Dining

Melissa Schwengler, AES Director’s Office

Thor Selland, AES Plant Science

Gerald South, Career and Advising Center

Shiloh Susag, Residence Life

Stacy Vetter, Graduate School

Michael Williams, Facilities Management

10 years

John Barta, Facilities Management

Sanela Bektas, Dining

Tina Berger, Payroll

Julie Bietz, AES Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Eric Brandvik, Extension Plant Science

Tracy Brown, Facilities Management

Kimberly Carlson, Mechanical Engineering

Linda Dahlsad, Institutional Research and Analysis

Teresa Enderson, School of Design, Architecture and Art

Julie Flakker, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Sonja Fuchs, Extension Ag Communication

David Halvorson, Facilities Management

Jeffrey Hanson, Architecture

Carol Haukebo, Budget Office

Andrea Hein, Career and Advising Center

Darnell Hitterdal, Facilities Management

Emily Hoadley, Office of the Provost

Rebecca Hoselton, Dining

Nicole Juve, Library

Kristi Kevorkian, University Police and Safety Office

Karen Klevgaard, Dining

Billy Kraft, AES Carrington R/E Center

Yueqiang Leng, AES Plant Pathology

Lorin Miller, AES Plant Science

Arlene Neer, Facilities Management

Alex Nesemeier, AES Agronomy Seed Farm

James Perleberg, AES Plant Science

Jeremy Poseley-Kopp, Library

Anita Regas, Dining

Nicole Reimer, Dining

James Renfrew, Facilities Management

Andrew Ross, AES Plant Science

Sara Schuchard-McGregor, AES Langdon R/E Center

Angela Scott, AES Agriculture Budget Office

Kshitij Sharma, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Lynn Stadum, Northern Crops Institute

Tabitha Thomas, Office of the Provost

Shannon Ueker, Extension Plant Science

Jacob Waldner, Memorial Union Operations

Tiffany Walter, AES North Central R/E Center

Paul Wraalstad, Memorial Union Operations

Peter Zimmerman, Facilities Management

15 years

Beth Astrup, Grant and Contract Accounting

Gennifer Baker, University Police and Safety Office

Leanne Bergman, Dining

Janis Bork, Nursing

Chad Coleman, Information Technology Services

Tracey Dahl, Division of Performing Arts

Shannon Eck, AES Animal Science

Alicia Fitz, Student Health Services

Robin Floberg, Facilities Management

Tammy Fraase, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Diane Goede, Deans Office, Science and Mathematics

Nathan Green, Memorial Union Operations

Beth Hagemeister, Publications Services

Karen Hertsgaard, AES Plant Science

Dongqing Lin, AES Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Bonnie Litton, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Ipsita Mallik, AES Plant Pathology

Susan McDaniel, Telecommunications

Rilie Morgan, Northern Crops Institute

Armon Myrick, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Phillip Parks, Facilities Management

Jan Rosales, Facilities Management

Kristy Shirley, VP for Research

Laura Thibert, Accounting

Elizabeth Thompson, Human Resources

Sheila Tindall, Payroll

Sheldon Tuscherer, AES Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Dustin Ulmer, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Michael Wolf, Information Technology Services

David Zieska, Dining

20 years

Ezra Aberle, AES Carrington R/E Center

Wayne Alderson, Facilities Management

Jodi Askew, Bookstore

Russell Benz, AES Plant Pathology

Cathy Cusey, Student Health Services

Cindy Dunn, Extension County Programs

Shayla Durick, Registration and Records

Brad Fossen, Dining

Emily Frazier, Dean of Students

Kera Hagen, Family Healthcare Pharmacy

Scott Hoselton, AES Microbiological Sciences

Tara Hoyme, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Lisa Johnson, Extension Plant Science

Lynn Kedrowski, Dining

Betty Lee, Family Healthcare Pharmacy

Daniel Lisburg, Facilities Management

Mark Lofgren, Pharmacy Practice

Victoria Magnusson, AES Plant Science

Debra McDonough, Science and Mathematics Business Center

Victoria Miller, VP for Research

Todd Molden, AES Main Station Farm

Patrick Nichols, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Tamara Olson, Dining

Del Peterson, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Richard Richter, AES Carrington R/E Center

Timothy Schroeder, AES Carrington R/E Center

Mary Sinner, Dining

Robert Tandeski, Facilities Management

25 years

Sharon Arensberg, Counseling Center

Brian Barton, Facilities Management

Steven Bergeson, University Relations

Holly Doll, Registration and Records

Timothy Indergaard, AES Carrington R/E Center

Karen Jevning, AES Plant Science

Jeffrey Kittilson, Biological Sciences

Phil Koapke, AES North Central R/E Center

Scott Magnuson, University Police and Safety Office

Sandra Mark, AES Plant Science

Mary Marquart, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Suresh Mathew, Bookstore

Mimi Monson, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rian Nostrum, Residence Life

Polly Olson, Biological Sciences

Hildegard Perce, Dining

Lea Roberts, School of Education

William Sellner, Information Technology Services

Bruce Sundeen, Extension Ag Communication

Gary Whaley, Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure

30 years

David Dynes, Ext Ag Communication

Gerald Fauske, AES School of Natural Resource Sciences

Chad Foster, Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure

William Frazier, Residence Life

James Gillespie, AES Plant Science

Carol Saarela, Facilities Management

Melissa Stotz, Information Technology Services

35 years

Jane Lessard, Bookstore

Terri Lindquist, AES Hettinger R/E Center

40 years

James Kirsch, AES Animal Science

David Pearson, AES Hettinger R/E Center

Warren Schmidt, AES School of Natural Resource Sciences

45 years

Eileen Buringrud, AES Plant Science

Robert Erickson, Facilities Management

50 years

Clarice Hackman, Library

55 years

Michael Miller, Library


Ellen Crawford, Extension Ag Communication, 17 years

Allen Flatin, Facilities Management, 19 years

Patrick Gross, AES Plant Pathology, 32 years

Vicki Ihry, Tri-College, 23 years

Marsha Kapphahn, AES Animal Science, 42 years

Debra Knapper, Facilities Management, 30 years

Deborah Maertens, Office of the Provost, 24 years

Debra Thomson Peters, AES Animal Science, 10 years

Keith Sorensen, Facilities Management, 7 years

Agnes Vernon, Extension Ag Communication, 33 years

Debby Wichmann, Registration and Records, 40 years

Dorothy Wilson, Dining, 25 years

Suzan Wolter, International Student and Study Abroad, 10 years

Melanie Ziegler, Extension Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, 23 years

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