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Brown Bag Seminars scheduled for fall

The Compass Program Foundation has scheduled its fall Brown Bag Seminars. The seminars are focused on a themed topic of interest, which pertain to NDSU students, faculty and staff.

All seminars will be held in the Memorial Union from noon to 1 p.m. and are free and open to the public.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Memorial Union Century Theatre

“Life is Short, Break the Rules”

Jonathan Tolstedt, registered US patent agent, engineer, inventor and adjunct lecturer at NDSU

Tap into your creative side and generate fantastic, life-changing, out-of-the-box solutions to everyday problems. Learn how to think like Albert Einstein, tap into both sides of your brain, treat the immutable laws of physics like mere suggestions and embrace failure.

Co-sponsored by NDSU Research and Technology Park

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Memorial Union Arikara room

“Student Feminists”

Members of NDSU’s new student Women’s Activist Organization will share how they define feminism and what it means in their lives. Learn what feminism is really all about.

Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies and Compass Program Foundation

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Memorial Union Meadow Lark room

“Policing the Patch: An Examination of the Impact of the Oil Boom on Small Town Policing and Crime in Western North Dakota”

This presentation examines the impact of rapid population growth resulting from the oil boom on policing and crime in western North Dakota. It looks at how the population increase affects how police officers’ conduct their work; influences police officer stress and job satisfaction; impacts police officers’ perceptions of their community, citizens and crime; and affects police organization and relationships between police agencies and businesses/social institutions. Research findings reveal that rapid population growth from the oil boom has caused significant changes to small town policing in western North Dakota.

Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies and Compass Program Foundation

Wednesday, Oct. 30

Memorial Union Arikara room

“That Doesn’t Match”

Panelists Dena Wyum, Tim McCue and others will discuss implications for people when they don’t match expected gender norms. In particular, they will address how “not matching” impacts formation and continuation of romantic relationships.

Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies and Compass Program Foundation

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