Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

2011 - Present

  • Kory J. Bonnell, 2016. Gauging the perceptions of high school students in different demographics on environmental education topics. Adviser: Dr. Christina Hargiss.
  • Paula J. Comeau, 2016. An interdisciplinary approach: Connecting communication, application, and education within natural resource management. Adviser: Dr. Jack Norland.
  • Wannakuwatte Fernando, 2016. Economic and social impacts of rapid shale oil development in western North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Dennis Cooley.
  • Breanna L. Paradeis Kobiela, 2015. Above and below ground effects of nutrient applications and mowing treatments on restored North Dakota grasslands. Adviser: Dr. Kevin Sedivic.
  • Daniel Margarit, 2015. Exploring land conservation using economic and geospatial models. Adviser: Dr. David Roberts.
  • Andres Kubas, 2014. Driver attitudes and crash patterns in Western North Dakota oil counties: Link between perception and realities. Adviser: Dr. Gary Goreham.
  • Ita B. Mutukwa, 2014. Drying and pretreatments as they affect the nutritional and sensory quality of oyster mushrooms. Adviser: Dr. Chiwon W. Lee.
  • Gabriel Aher, 2013. Winter wheat management for improving soil quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Adviser: Dr. Larry J. Cihacek.
  • Lindsey Meyers, 2012. Wetland assessment and nutrient dynamics in North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser.
  • Miranda A. Meehan, 2012. Riparian ecosystems of the Middle Sheyenne River in eastern North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser.
  • Wesley Eugene Newton, 2012. Using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology to assess bird-habitat relationships: A case study in the Northwoods of Maine. Adviser: Dr. Mario Biondini.
  • Ambika Badh, 2011. Understanding the climate-change impact on the growing degree days for corn in the United States of America. Adviser: Dr. Adnan Akyuz.


  • Tala Hussam Qtaishat, 2010. A plan to reduce water poverty in the fertile crescent: Getting from science to solutions. Adviser: Dr. Jay Leitch.
  • Bruce Richard Steele, 2010. Visitors' values of natural resources and cultural resources on Dakota Prairie National Grasslands. Adviser: Dr. Gary Goreham.
  • Guojie Wang, 2010. Grazing management effects on the plant community, soil health, and plant-soil system in mixed-grass prairie within the Missouri Coteau Region. Adviser: Dr. Kevin K. Sedivec.
  • Nancy Marie Hodur, 2010. Characteristics and the economic impact of visitors to heritage and cultural tourism attractions in North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Larry F. Leistritz.
  • Ben Geaumont, 2009. Evaluation of ring-necked pheasant and duck production on post-Conservation Reserve Program grasslands in southwest North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Christopher Schaur.
  • Christina (Melaas) Hargiss. 2009. Estimating wetland quality for the Missouri Coteau ecoregion in North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser.
  • Andrea Travnicek, (2008). Social networks of lake management in Becker and Otter Tail Counties, MN: A case study. Adviser: Dr. Mark Meister.
  • Jack E. Norland, (2008). Increasing vegetative structure on prairie restorations using disturbance patch methods. Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Grygiel.
  • Mafany Ndiva Mongoh, (2007). Characterization of anthrax occurrence in North Dakota: Determinants, management strategies and economic impacts. Adviser: Dr. Margaret L. Khaitsa.
  • Luke Walter Samuel, (2007). Aminopyralid effect of Canada thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) and native plants in western North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Rodney G. Lym.
  • Brian Paul Kalk, (2006). Development of a process that ensures multiple stakeholder satisfaction while maintaining principle institutional goals. Adviser: Dr. Frank Casey.
  • Bonnie Jean Warner Alexander, (2006). An analysis of seed production, viability, germination in situ, and grazing impacts on the western prairie fringed Orchid (Platanthera praeclara, Sheviak and Bowles). Adviser: Dr. Don Kirby.
  • Dath Kakole Mita, (2005). Analysis of LANDSAT ETM and TM multi-temporal data for IPCI-based wetland vegetation condition classes in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota. Adviser: Dr. Don Kirby.