Doctoral Program

"My experience as a graduate student in the NRM department at NDSU equipped me with a diverse skill set that is required to be a successful project and resource manager, and enabled me to land my dream job." - Miranda Meehan, PhD

The NRM PhD interdisciplinary program prepares students to work on problems that require assimilation of data, methods, and strategies from many supporting disciplines. Problem recognition, definition, analysis, and resolution are the ultimate objectives. This offers a unique quality to the NRM graduate degree program, because while most PhD Degrees are derived from a narrow focus, the NRM program takes a holistic approach that covers the complexity of interacting systems involved in the management of natural resources, thereby taking a broad focus.

Educational Excellence

Students graduating with an NRM PhD Degree will have exemplary research skills with the ability to address fundamental problems covering natural resources management issues. Students will understand the sciences underlying the complexity of natural resources management issues, be able to engage in finding solutions for the resolution of pressing natural resources management problems and become integrated into the decision processes affecting all citizens.

For more information, please refer to the NRM Graduate Handbook.

Shawn DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader - Natural Resources Management Interdiscliplinary Program
205B Morrill Hall