NRM Minor

A minor in NRM is a timely and meaningful addition to NDSU's academic offerings in light of global, 21 century challenges-climate change, population growth, shrinking bio-diversity, limited resources and pollution/waste.

Complimentary to any major*, the NRM Minor gives future decision-makers greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of the social and natural worlds. NDSU graduates with a minor in NRM bring to the table an understanding of human dependence on planetary resources and how management of those resources impacts all aspects of society.

Recorded on the graduate's transcript and highlighted on her/his resume, a minor in NRM demonstrates the determination to "go the extra mile" and readiness to think "outside the box" at a critical time in history. Please read the Curriculum Guide for NRM Minors for more information.

Declaring a minor in NRM

  1. Review the current NRM minor requirements and select courses desired.
  2. Meet with your major advisor to integrate the minor requirements into your academic planning and class scheduling.
  3. Declare your minor at the Bison Connection or the Office of Registration & Records.
  4. Keep track of requirements completion.

Upon successful completion of the NRM Minor requirements, the minor will be recorded on your transcript.

Students pursuing a major in NRM may not declare a minor in NRM. For information about minors that are complementary to the NRM Major, go to Complementary Minors for Students Majoring in NRM.