Undergraduate Education

Natural Resources Management (NRM) is an interdisciplinary major offered as a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The curriculum is divided into 88 "Core" units required of all students, and 40 "Emphasis" units selected by the individual student from six areas of interest.

Students will study such topics as:

  • grasslands
  • wetlands
  • land reclamation
  • cultural ecology
  • sociology
  • anthropology
  • sustainable agriculture
  • fisheries & wildlife
  • soil biology
  • hydrology
  • water management & quality
  • waste management
  • energy resources
  • air pollution
  • resource planning
  • environmental economics
  • mitigation
  • public policy

NRM Core

This group of courses provides each student a broad foundation in the social, biological and physical/earth sciences. The NRM Core also satisfies NDSU General Education requirements, the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources writing/speaking requirement, the capstone experience, and includes 15 elective units referred to as "Core Electives." These "Core Electives" consist of the following:

  • public policy choices
  • resource economics
  • applied agricultural law
  • U.S. environmental history
  • natural resources and agroecosystems
  • environmental ethics
  • general ecology
  • plant forms and diversity
  • zoology
  • soil science
  • natural resource management systems
  • physical geology
  • statistics
  • geographic information systems
  • cultural ecology

Curriculum Guide for NRM Majors
Curriculum Guide for NRM Minors
Career Opportunities

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The College of Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources; College of Engineering & Architecture; and College of Science & Mathematics award scholarships each year. Contact the Office of the Dean within the appropriate college for information and application forms. Student loan, grant and work-study information is available from the NDSU Office of Student Financial Services. College of Agriculture Scholarships.

Shawn DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader - Natural Resources Management Interdiscliplinary Program
205B Morrill Hall