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Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader
Natural Resources Management
Morrill Hall - Room 205B
Shawn DeKeyser

Research interests:
Wetland Ecology
Wetland Assessment and Monitoring
Invasive Species Ecology and Management
Native Prairie Restoration

Ph.D., Animal and Range Sciences - North Dakota State University, 2000 
M.S., Animal and Range Sciences - North Dakota State University, 1995 
B.S., Biology – Jamestown College, 1991

Courses taught:
RNG 450/650, Range Plants
RNG 454/654, Wetland Resources Management
RNG 462/662, Rangeland Planning and Analysis
RNG 716 Agrostology
RNG 717, Aquatic Vascular Plants

Selected Publications:

DeKeyser, E.S., M. Meehan, G. Clambey, K. Krabbenhoft.  (In Press).  Cool season invasive grasses in Northern Great Plains natural areas.  Natural Areas Journal.

DeKeyser, S., M. Meehan, K. Sedivec, and C. Lura.  2010.  Potential management alternatives for invaded rangelands in the Northern Great Plains.  Rangelands 32(5):26-31.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser. 2010. Cattle grazing reduces survival and reproduction of the western prairie fringed orchid. The Prairie Naturalist 42:46-49.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser. 2010. In situ development of western prairie fringed orchid seeds, protocorms, and seedlings in grazed and non-grazed prairie habitat. The Prairie Naturalist 42:50-54.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser. 2010. Seed production and maturation of the western prairie fringed orchid. The Prairie Naturalist 42:55-60.

Paradeis, B.L., E. S. DeKeyser, and D. Kirby. 2010. Evaluation of restored and native prairie pothole region plant communities following an environmental gradient. Natural Areas J. 30:500-510.

DeKeyser, E. M., Biondini, D. Kirby, and C. Hargiss. 2008. Low prairie plant communities as a function of disturbance: physical parameters. Ecological Indicators 9:296-306.

Hargiss , C.L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, D.R. Kirby, and M.J. Ell. 2008. Regional assessment of wetland plant communities using the index of plant community integrity . Ecological Indicators 8: 303-307.

Mita, D., D. Kirby and E.S. DeKeyser. 2007. Developing a wetland condition prediction model using landscape structure variability . Wetlands, 27: 1124-1133.

Braun, T.A., J.L. Richardson, and E.S. DeKeyser. 2007. Wildfire induced soil water repellency on Badland hillslopes in North Dakota. Soil Survey Horizons, 47: 74-78.

Rogers, W.M., D.R. Kirby, P.E. Nyren, B.D. Patton, and E.S. DeKeyser. 2005. Grazing intensity effects on Northern Plains mixed-grass prairie. Prairie Naturalist, 37: 73-83.

Phillips, R.L., O. Beeri, and E.S. DeKeyser. 2005. Remote wetland assessment for Missouri Coteau prairie glacial basins. Wetlands, 25: 335-349.

Current Graduate Students

David Renton,  MS - Upland vegetation management strategies for the migration of climate change on Prairie Pothole wetlands.

Austin Link, MS – Riparian woodland restoration along the Middle Sheyenne River, and pasture improvement utilizing a diverse mix of native grasses and legumes on the Sheyenne Delta of North Dakota.

Brian Chepulis, MS – Optimal grazing management for the Sprague’s Pippit and Baird’s sparrow in the Little Missouri Grasslands of western North Dakota.

Matt Danzl, MS – Possible landscape patterns of sharp tailed grouse habitat use in western North Dakota and South Dakota.

Travis Strehlow, MS – Optimal techniques for wetland vegetation restoration, and post management techniques for prairie restoration.

Jonathan Quast, MS – Novel uses of grazing and fire to manage for native prairie and manage against cool-season invasive grass species.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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For more information on Natural Resources Management
at North Dakota State University, contact:
Shawn DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader - Natural Resources Management Interdiscliplinary Program
307A Morrill Hall
Shawn DeKeyser

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