Christina L.M. Hargiss, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Natural Resources Management
Morrill Hall - Room 203B

Research Interests:
  • Wetland Ecology, Assessment, and Monitoring
  • Environmental Education and Outreach
  • Effects of energy development on natural resources in North Dakota
  • Ph.D., Natural Resources Management, North Dakota State University, 2009
  • MS, Natural Resources Management, North Dakota State University, 2005
  • BS, Natural Resources Management, Biological Science Education, Comprehensive Science Education, North Dakota State University, 2003
Courses Taught:
  • NRM 421/621 Environmental Outreach Methods
  • NRM 431/631 National Environmental Policy Act/Environmental Assessment
  • NRM 491/691 Senior Seminar
  • NRM 450 Introduction to Natural Resources and Agro-ecosystems
  • NRM 401/601 Urban Ecosystem Management
  • Estimating the Impact to Wetlands in Western North Dakota from Dust and Road Use Increases due to Energy Development
  • Similarities and Differences in Rural, Urban, and Inner-City Students
  • Understanding and Perceptions of Food Production, Recycling, and Open Space
  • The National Wetland Condition Assessment and North Dakota's Intensification
Peer-Reviewed Publications
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. and E.S. DeKeyser. 2014. The Challenges of Conducting Environmental Research on Privately Owned Land. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186(2): 979-985.
  • DeKeyser, E.S., M. Biondini, D. Kirby, and C. Hargiss. 2009. Low prairie plantcommunities as a function of disturbance: Physical parameters. Ecological Indicators 9:396-306.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, D.R. Kirby, and M.J. Ell. 2008. Regional assessment of wetland plant communities using the index of plant community integrity. Ecological Indicators 8: 303-307.
  • Melaas, C.L., K.D. Zimmer, M.G. Butler, and M.A. Hanson. 2001. Effects of rotenone on aquatic invertebrate communities in prairie wetlands. Hydrobiologia 459: 177-186.
Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2009. Estimating Wetland Quality for the Missouri Coteau ecoregion in North Dakota. Ph.D. Dissertation. North Dakota State Universty, Fargo, ND. 162 pp.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, and D.R. Kirby. 2006. Evaluation of an IPCI for Assessing Wetland Plant Communities in the PPR. Technical Report ND06-02. North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute. Fargo, ND.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, and D.R. Kirby. 2006. Assessing Wetland Plant Communities in the Prairie Pothole Region. Annual Report. Central Grasslands Research Extension Center. Streeter, ND.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2005. Evaluation of an index of plant community integrity for assessing wetland plant communities in the Prairie Pothole Region. M.S. Thesis. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. 116pp.
Invited Presentations:
  • Meyers, L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, C.L.M. Hargiss, J.E. Norland, T. DeSutter, M. Ell. 2013. The North Dakota intensification of the NWCA. The Association of State Wetland Managers Annual State/Tribal/Federal Coordination Meeting, Shepherdstown, WV.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2012. Sustainable Rangeland Management: Achieving a balance between traditional agricultural uses and non-agricultural uses. ND State Envirothon Competition Current Issue Topic Presentation. Crystal Springs, ND.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M., E.S. DeKeyser, J.E. Norland, T. DeSutter, L.M. Meyers, and M.J. Ell. 2012. The North Dakota intensification of the NWCA: An endeavor in collaboration. Annual Society of Wetland Scientists Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2012. The Red River: A Clearer Understanding. Fargo-Moorhead Communiversity Series. Moorhead, MN.
  • DeKeyser, S., C. Hargiss, and M. Ell. 2012. Preliminary results from the North Dakota intensification of the National Wetland Condition Assessment. National Water Quality Monitoring Council, Eighth National Monitoring Conference, Water: One Resource - Shared Effort - Common Future. May. Portland, OR.
  • DeKeyser, E.S., C.L.M. Hargiss, L.M. Meyers, and M.J. Ell. 2012. The development of a multiple collaborator venture connected to the national wetland condition assessment in North Dakota. North Dakota Water Quality Monitoring Conference. Bismarck, ND.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2011. Biological Assessment and Monitoring of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region. Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management, Billings, MT.
  • Hargiss, C.L.M. 2010. Comparison of Three Tiered Wetland Assessment Methods. Minnesota Wetlands Conference, St. Paul, MN
  • Professional Memberships
    • National Science Teachers Association (2009-Present)
    • Society of Wetland Scientists (2008-present)
    • ND Coalition for Conservation and Environmental Education (2006-present)
    • ND State Envirothon Committee (2006-present)
    • Society for Range Management (2005-present)
    • River Keepers (2004-Present)