Career Opportunities

Careers in natural resources management vary widely and may include settings as diverse as urban landscapes and wilderness areas, university and corporate laboratories, and non-profit boardrooms. An advanced degree in natural resources management is a well-recognized qualification for these and many other employment opportunities.

Students graduating with advanced degrees in natural resources management are in demand in several areas including, but not limited to: ecosystem restoration, planning and management; landscape, water and waste management; pollution prevention and control; environmental testing, analysis and research; environmental communications and public relations; environmental and conservation education; urban planning and sustainable development; environmental economics, consulting, compliance, policy, advocacy, and administration.

Individuals trained in natural resources are employed by government agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service; as well as health, recreation, urban planning and natural resource agencies at the state, county and city level. Private, public and non-profit organizations that hire natural resources professionals include engineering and consulting firms, foundations, conservancies, universities, museums, parks, and public interest organizations focused on environmental issues and initiatives.

Careers and job titles that Natural Resource Management students qualify to do:

  • Natural Resource specialist/technician/scientist
  • Environmental technician/scientist/specialist
  • Biologist/Biological specialist/scientist
  • Soil technician/specialist
  • Wildlife/Fisheries technician/manager
  • Wetland specialist
  • Watershed Manager
  • Restoration technician/specialist
  • Range/grassland specialist/technician - Wildfire/Prescribed Fire
  • Wildland firefighter/fuels specialist/specialists in management/supervisory positions and air ops
  • Education/Naturalist
  • Community/Communication in Natural Resources
  • Planners in Natural Resources/NEPA specialists
  • Social science and economic specialists in Natural Resources
  • Designers and artists working with Natural Resources
  • Policy specialists working with Natural Resources
  • Geographic Information Systems specialist
  • Park ranger/Enforcement/Conservation officer
  • Forester - Wildfire/Prescribed Fire (some positions will require some forestry coursework)
All of these careers and job titles can exist in:
  1. State/local/federal agencies
  2. Private sector organizations such as resource related companies (mining, oil gas), restoration companies or consulting firms
  3. Nonprofits or non-governmental organizations