NDSU Scholarships: Submit the NDSU General Scholarship Application, available at Student Financial Services. The deadline is April 1. For additional information go here:

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources: There is no application for the majority of the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources scholarships. If you maintain a 3.0 GPA you are automatically eligible. See below for a complete listing.

College of Science and Mathematics: Contact the Biological Sciences department at 231-7087.

Departmental: NRM offers three scholarships. Information is available in the NRM Office, 307 Morrill Hall.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources (CAFSNR)

The College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources provides one of the best college-based scholarship programs in the Upper Midwest. Scholarships range from $100 to $3,000 per year. Some are renewable for up to four years, depending on the student's academic performance.

Funds for scholarships are provided by individuals, companies, foundations and organizations aware of the commitment a student must make to complete a college education. They establish these scholarships to encourage students who are willing to pursue academic excellence.

Listed below are general scholarships offered by the college. There is no application process - students are automatically considered for a scholarship based on the following criteria:

  • enrolled full time in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources;
  • cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • student meets eligibility requirements specific to the scholarship

Scholarship recipients are notified in the spring and receive their award the following fall. Recipients and donors are recognized at the college's Scholarship Recognition Luncheon in November.

  • Paul E. R. Abrahamson Memorial Scholarship - sophomore or junior from North Dakota
  • Agassiz Club Agriculture Scholarship - preference given to students enrolled in agribusiness, agricultural economics, and crop and weed sciences
  • Albin and Emma Anderson Memorial Scholarship - graduate of LaMoure High School
  • Mark and Mary Andrews Scholarship - graduate student, native of North Dakota
  • Frank Bain Dissertation Fellowship - Ph.D. student
  • Frank Bain Freshman Honor Scholarship - incoming freshmen
  • Frank Bain Freshman Presidential Scholarship - incoming freshmen; recipients of the NDSU Presidential and Presidential Honor Scholarships
  • Frank Bain Graduate Scholarship - current graduate student
  • Frank Bain Undergraduate Scholarship - current undergraduate students
  • Vernon Botsford Scholarship - preference given to a resident of Walsh or Grand Forks counties
  • Ralph and Constance Brakke Scholarship - sophomore, junior or senior with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Busch Agricultural Resources Incorporated Scholarship - junior or senior from barley growing areas of North Dakota, South Dakota or Minnesota; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • CHS University Scholarship - U.S. citizen; sophomore, junior or senior pursuing a career in production agriculture or agriculture business; preference given to students demonstrating an interest in agricultural-based cooperatives
  • Cass-Clay Creamery Scholarship - preference given to rural students from company's trade area
  • Central Livestock Association, Inc., Scholarship - animal science major with preference given to affiliate of Central Livestock Association
  • Centrol, Inc. Scholarship - junior or senior with major course of study in agronomy or precision agriculture
  • Walter A. Davidson Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean's Freshman Scholarship - incoming freshmen
  • Palmer and Myrtrice Dilland Scholarship - GPA 3.0 or higher; preference given to students from Williams or Burke counties in ND who are majoring in animal science, range science, soil science or agribusiness
  • Frank E. Dilse Memorial Scholarship - junior or senior in plant sciences; minimum GPA 3.0; North Dakota resident
  • William E. Dinusson Memorial Scholarship
  • Clarence and Florence Erickson Scholarship - junior or senior, minimum GPA 3.0; native of North Dakota with preference given to resident of Benson or Eddie counties in North Dakota
  • Duane and Joan Erickson Scholarship - junior or senior with GPA 3.0 or higher; preference given to native of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota
  • Clark Ewen Memorial Scholarship - preference given to resident of Traill County; two letters of recommendation required
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship - awarded to Gamma Sigma Delta Distinguished Student in Agriculture
  • Michael and Melinda Goodman-Sorenson Scholarship - sophomore, junior or senior
  • Beth E. and Rodney C. Hastings Scholarship
  • Arlon G. Hazen Memorial Scholarship
  • Clay E. Hector Memorial Scholarship - North Dakota resident
  • Paul Horn Scholarship - incoming freshman
  • Clark and Jean Jenkins Scholarship - U.S. citizen with minimum GPA 3.0; priority given to student majoring in crop and weed sciences, animal science, soil science, agribusiness, agricultural systems management or veterinary technology who plans to remain in North Dakota and who is involved in student organizations/activities
  • Alex Lind Memorial Scholarship - preference given to incoming freshman from Williams County or a graduate of Williston High School; if no incoming freshman qualifies, awarded to upperclass meeting same criteria
  • Richard and Ilean Maetzold Agriculture Scholarship - undergraduate students with financial need
  • Leon and Nettie Mason Family Scholarship - rotates between College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources and the College of Human Development and Education; junior or senior with minimum 3.0 GPA
  • George Mikkelson Memorial Scholarship - Farm Bureau affiliation
  • Donald Moum Scholarship - awarded to incoming freshmen, current freshmen, sophomores and juniors
  • ND Soybean Council Graduate Student Scholarship - M.S. or Ph.D. student in research-based program of study in plant sciences, plant pathology, soil science or entomology; US citizen with preference given to students who have farm background in upper Midwest; active in ag-related campus/community activities; involved in some aspect of production research that would benefit soybean industry
  • LeRoy M. Nayes Scholarship - freshmen from the Bismarck, North Dakota area who graduated from a North Dakota high school; current North Dakota residents and US citizens
  • Wilfred A. Plath Memorial Scholarship - upperclass with Farm Bureau affiliation
  • President's Agriculture Club Scholarship - incoming freshmen
  • Sherman and Loretta Quanbeck Scholarship - resident of North Dakota; GPA 3.25 or higher
  • Riebe Family Scholarship - junior or senior; preference given to Stutsman County resident
  • Olwin Riveland Alpha Zeta Scholarship
  • John and Jean Rouzie Scholarship - reside in or near Bowman in the counties of Bowman or Slope, North Dakota or Harding, South Dakota
  • Rocelia Rud Scholarship
  • Gil Stafne Memorial Scholarship - upper class with Farm Bureau affiliation
  • Andrew Vanvig Scholarship
  • Vernon E. Wendlandt Scholarship - involvement in agricultural research
  • Senator Milton R. Young Scholarship - native of North Dakota; interest in production and marketing of North Dakota crops, preferably wheat