Can I work full time while enrolled in the RN to BSN program?

Yes. The courses will be offered in eight-week blocks so that you will focus on one nursing course at a time.  You will work closely with your advisor to create a reasonable plan of study.

Do I need to take chemistry and math?

If you have an AA or AS degree and you have demonstrated competency by passing the NCLEX exam you will not be required to take a chemistry or math course. Although, if your long range plans include applying to graduate school, it is recommended that you enroll in a statistics course.

Those who have an Associate of Applied Science degree or a Nursing Diploma will work closely with an advisor to map a plan of study.  The plan will be based on your academic history.

What are virtual immersions?

The virtual immersions are a day and a half long. The immersion courses are held via Zoom. There are four immersions throughout the program: each fall and spring semester, but none during the summer semester.

What about clinicals?

There are two required clinical experiences: one with the Population Focused Nursing Care class and one with the Leadership class.

Clinical experiences can be arranged to be completed in your home town.  Your faculty will guide you to create meaningful relationships with clinical agencies and with expert preceptors. 

What are the demonstrated competency credits listed in the sample plan of study?

Demonstrated competency credits are awarded to all incoming RNs in the program upon the completion of the first semester. These credits are based on a students' prior learning and NCLEX success.

A benefit of choosing NDSU to complete your BSN degree is that 25 demonstrated competency credits are awarded at no additional cost to the Associate of Science degreed student. The Associate of Applied Science degreed students are awarded18 demonstrated competency credits at no cost. 

What happens during the immersions?

The immersions are opportunities for students and faculty to interact virtually and learn from each other. Faculty will facilitate discussions, lectures and activities that enhance the learning that occurs throughout the semester.

Students become acquainted with their classmates and develop relationships that support them throughout the program. Nursing literature reveals that these interactions are considered invaluable aspects of an online RN to BSN program. 

What NDSU services are available to online students?

It is important that you receive the same support as any other NDSU student.

Services available include, but are not limited to: Library access and Health Sciences Librarian, Information Technology Help Desk, Center for Writing, Personalized Academic Advising, Registration and Records services, NDSU Student Nurses' Association, and Sigma Theta Tau XI Kappa.

What will course assignments be like?

Assignments will be more focused on writing rather than standardized testing. We are inspired to develop creative and relevant assignments that expand your thinking and understanding. 

How many general education courses do I need to take?

Each student's transcripts will be evaluated carefully since every student will bring different educational backgrounds with them to NDSU.

Your academic advisor will assist you with your plan of study.  Learn more about general education requirements at NDSU. 

Why should I choose NDSU’s RN to BSN program over another program?

NDSU has a well-established school of nursing with a long history of educating successful nurses. 

In addition, courses have been organized with the recognition that most students will be working and also have personal and family responsibilities. Courses are offered in 8-week blocks and in most semesters, students will take only one course at a time.

The nursing programs at NDSU are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

For students planning to progress to graduate education, it is very important that your undergraduate education be completed at an accredited program.

Writing papers intimidates me. What are the expectations and support for this?

Students will take English 325 Writing for Health Professions. Some students may have taken a similar course elsewhere and will not be required to repeat this.

This course provides knowledge and skills to enhance writing abilities.  In addition, the NDSU Center for Writers is a resource available to all students. Most importantly, the RN to BSN faculty are dedicated to assisting you and guiding you through successful learning experiences.


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